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Bedrock Money for /Scoreboards

For many athletes, there is nothing more satisfying than looking up at the end of the game to see their lifetime stats proudly displayed on the scoreboard. But what if these same athletes could also use their talents to earn themselves some money?

Bedrock Money, an online gaming startup, is aiming to make that possible. The company offers an app that allows players to wager money on their favorite game or match, with players earning points and rewards the more they play. But where Bedrock Money sets itself apart from the competition is its introduction of scoreboards.

Players will now be able to score points based on their individual performance. Players who can perform better than their competitors will see their points and rewards accumulate quickly. And for those who perform worse, Bedrock Money offers a chance for redemption. Players can use their points and rewards to purchase items or enter point-based contests for cash prizes.

The scoreboards also serve as a way for players to track their progress and show off their growing collection of rewards to friends and family. Players can also challenge friends and foes alike to equally challenging versions of the same game or match.

The idea of Bedrock Money’s scoreboards has not only caught on in the gaming world, but with non-traditional athletes as well. This opens up opportunities for non-traditional sports fans to turn their passion into fiscal reward.

In the end, Bedrock Money’s scoreboards make it so that fans and are not only getting acknowledgment for their skills, they’re getting paid for it as well.

Money for /Scoreboards


Este complemento te ayudará a crear sistemas económicos con el comando /Scoreboard para tu mundo, mapa o servidor para que los jugadores puedan cambiarlo por un artículo o algo especial.

You give the function to the add-on for that you need to do the following:

  • Create an economy system with the /Scoreboard command 
  • Create a store to redeem the money 
  • Create a store to sell coins and bills 
  • Activate the holiday creator features experiment 


  • There are 9 coins and 9 bills 
  • Coins and bills have animations and sounds 
  • The minimum money is 10 and the maximum is 5,000,000
  • You can pick it up by passing over the coin or by touching it 
  • Money emoji

 Available languages

  • English 
  • Spanish 
  • Portuguese

Update 1.1

  • Added animations when touching it 
  • Now you can pick it up by passing over it 
  • Improved some textures 
  • Portuguese language was added 
  • Money emoji

One of the coins

One of the bills

The video showing the function of the add-on:


  • Added new animations 
  • Money Emoji 
  • Improved some textures 
  • Portuguese language was added

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