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Money Mod

If you have ever wanted to add money to your world this is the mod for you. This mod adds new items to the game which you can use as money.


This mod adds new items which you can use as currency instead of using “emeralds” as “money” and “gold nuggets” as “coins”.

The mod doesn’t use any specific currency. I used general numbers I felt most currencies would have. If you want a specific currency rename the items in an anvil.


The Mod Adds The Following Items

1. Coins

2. A Five

3. A Ten

4. A Twenty

5. A Fifty

6. A Hundred

7. A Five Hundred





A Five


A Ten


A Twenty


A Fifty


A Hundred


A Five Hundred


For More Information On The Mod


Note: If You Want New Features Comment In The Video.




creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUyV0Z8ZC1eJszEliyDy_fw


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