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Bedrock Money Transfer (NO NPC) (1.19.50+)

In recent years, the world of digital payments has seen tremendous growth in efficiency and convenience, with the emergence of technology-driven solutions for transferring money across borders. One such solution is Bedrock Money Transfer, an innovative platform for digital money transfers which does away with the need for traditional physical card transactions.

Bedrock Money Transfer, provided by the payments provider Bedrock Group, is a revolutionary platform for global money transfers which provides a suite of advanced features for ease of use and security. Leveraging the cutting-edge technology of blockchain and smart contracts, Bedrock Money Transfer allows customers to transfer funds across the world instantly at minimal fees. The platform also provides enhanced security through its integration with distributed ledger technology. This feature is especially important given the level of user data and financial information exchanged between customers.

One of the most significant features of Bedrock Money Transfer is its no-NPC approach. NPC, or “non-personally identifiable customer information,” is standard within the banking and payments industries, but the no-NPC capability of Bedrock Money Transfer allows customers to keep the identity and personal information associated with the transfer private, ensuring a safe and secure transfer. This data privacy makes Bedrock Money Transfer especially attractive for customers concerned about their security and personal data.

Bedrock Money Transfer is available for purchase and use in over 50 countries, and its service is rapidly expanding. With support for multiple digital currencies and a host of innovative features, Bedrock Money Transfer is a safe and secure way to transfer money worldwide without the hassle and cost of traditional methods. With its focus on enhancing efficiency and simplifying the sending of money abroad, Bedrock Money Transfer is an attractive option for customers looking for a digital solution for global money transfers.

Money Transfer (NO NPC) (1.19.50+)



“Enchant Network: Studios” has created this pack for you so you can enjoy your Minecraft experience with yourself or your friends! We have made this pack fully free to use for all users to play.

How to Use?

“Enchant Network: Studios” has provided a video below showing what this type of Money Transfer can do and how it works.

• Your money objective will have to be called “Money”.

     – You can always change it in the future in the scripts folder.



❓ You can join  https://discord.gg/majtfd3huf  if you need any more help or are confused with any pack.





📢 To Use this Pack make sure you do the Following;

• Make sure you have the Experimental Feature ‘Beta APIs’ toggled on to use this pack!

• To open the Gui in game you will need to add the tag ‘openMoneyT’ by doing the command ‘/tag openMoneyT’. I could end up looking something like ‘/tag @s add openMoneyT’.

• We offer free support to anyone having trouble with this make, so please make sure to join ‘ https://discord.gg/majtfd3huf ‘ if you ever need help.


📕 Installation Understanding;

There are two links you are download from (both do different things). The McPack download will auto download into your Minecraft Bedrock packs.

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFZfcxvl0r3UhLYMhD07dJg


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