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Bedrock Monowheel Add-On

Monowheel Add-On


A new form of transportation with animations. This mod is loosely based on the EV360, which is an electric monowheel. The wheel rotates and when you turn the monowheel will tilt accordingly.

To craft the Monowheel you will need 8 coal blocks and 1 block of iron. You can also obtain the monowheel with a spawn egg titled “Monowheel” or summon it with the command “/summon c:Monowheel”.

Crafting Recipe:



 To enter the monowheel simply approach it and right click. If you are on PE, just tap on the “Ride” button that will appear when you approach it.

This add-on was created by ItsDandD 
Check out my YouTube

Here is a short video showcase of the Monowheel. (Linkvertise free download in the description):





 Notice: You will need both the Resource pack and the Behavior pack! Make sure the Resource pack and the Behavior pack are above any other packs you have!



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