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Bedrock Monsters Lucky Drop Add-On

Monsters Lucky Drop Add-On

Welcome to this addon that adds better loot for monsters in the game, more than 35 items from minecraft itself that can be dropped randomly when they die, including rare items.


First of all this addon is directly linked to my other addon “Animals lucky drop”, so you can download it also by searching the search bar or my profile, soon I will add more monsters if you like this addon.

Their loot has been changed to always drop 1 random item from the game, but for now it has 35 items, which will be updated soon, if you like the addon. You’ll also have more monsters if you like.

You can farm with this addon, but I guarantee it won’t be op. Test the addon and tell me what suggestions you have for it.


The monsters that had their loot changed in this first version were:





creator: Winniee


Turn on:

– Holiday Creator Features;

– Additional Moddings Capabilities.



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