Moon Knight Addon *Beta*

Moon Knight is a fictional character from the comic books or comics of the Marvel Universe, published by Marvel Comic. Now added 2 costumes of him that you can use in minecraft bedrock



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Moon Knight Addon *Beta Version*

when you enter the world of your minecraft bedrock you will get 2 new costumes just like the series. and you will gain all the powers of a moon knight in minecraft bedrock.


Moon knight power

with this item you will be activating the moon knight skills just like in the series


Clothing Mode 1

Moon knight in minecraft outfit 1

Clothing Mode 2

Moon knight in minecraft outfit 2

Putting on the moon stunt outfit you automatically gain the powers like in the series, Watch the video below

If it’s going to record, leave all the credits and don’t leave the medifire link, if it’s discovered, you’ll be punished



  • Moon calaveiro outfit form 1
  • Moon knight outfit form 2
  • Moon Power 

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