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Bedrock More Creepers

In the widely popular video game Minecraft, players are able to bring forth the mysterious and intimidating creatures known as creepers. Now, an update has been released in the game, known as Bedrock More Creepers, which brings even more of a challenge to this already unique and challenging game.

The new update aims to bring more variety to the creepers, giving players the opportunity to battle with a wider range of this iconic in-game enemy. Along with the variety of new creepers, the update also included a new set of behaviors and strategies. Each creeper type now has unique behaviors with their own attack strategies and health levels. By giving the creepers more ways to attack, players now have to think creatively and come up with their own strategies in order to defeat their foes.

In addition, the update also added a spawner block, which allows players to summon a creeper at any given time. This feature not only adds to the difficulty of the game, as it allows for unplanned attacks, but also adds to the overall atmosphere and intensity of the Minecraft world.

The Bedrock More Creepers update has been praised by many players as an exciting addition to the classic Minecraft game. For players looking for more challenge, the update provides plenty of it. Players facing off against the creepers must be sure to think quickly and come up with their own strategies in order to take them down. With plenty of variety and a host of new behaviors for the creepers, the Minecraft world just got a lot more dangerous.

More Creepers


 More creepers this is an addon that as its name says adds a total of 7 different creepers with abilities, they appear in the nether and end for the latest version


    Brute creeper

  • Health  =  40 ♥️
  • explosion  = very strong
  • Speed = normal
  • Spawn = [only on hard] all biomes

    Red creeper

  • Health = 10 ♥️
  • explosion = normal + fire 🔥
  • Speed = normal
  • Spawn = [normal+] all nether biomes

   Ender creeper🟣

  • Health = 10 ♥️
  • explosion = normal
  • Speed = slow
  • Ability = teleportation
  • Spawn = [normal+ ] all biomes, nether and end 

  Mini creeper

  • Health = 15 ♥️
  • explosion = little + short 
  • Speed = fast 
  • Spawn = [Normal+ ] all biomes 

    Yellow creeper 

  • Health = 15 ♥️
  • Speed = normal 
  • explosion = null 
  • Ability = Physical damage + ranged attack
  • Spawn = [normal+ ] desert 

   Blue creeper

  • Health = 13 ♥️
  • explosion = normal
  • Speed = fast in water
  • Ability = explodes on contact(peaceful)
  • Spawn = [Normal+ ] all water biomes 


creator: Dr_ceusz




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