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Bedrock More Crossbows V2 Addon (Compatible With Other Addons)

More Crossbows V2 Addon (Compatible With Other Addons)

Are you looking for an addon for 1.18?tired of the typical vanilla crossbow? if so, this addon is for you, adding 9 unique and fun crossbows.           


Beehive Crossbow

this crossbow shoots an orde of bees that will attack the mob that was shot

Copper Crossbow

the copper crossbow shoots a lightning

Chicken Crossbow

this crossbow shoots eggs very fast

Ice Crossbow

the ice crossbow will freeze the mobs for a few seconds

Iron Crossbow

shoots aarrows like a normal crossbow but faster and deals more damage

Magma Crossbow

this crossbow shoots fireballs like a ghast

Shulker Crossbow

this crossbow shoots shulker bullets like a shulker

Slime Crossbow

this crossbow shoots slimes that will push the mobs a lot

Wither Crossbow

this crossbow shoots wither skulls like a wither


In order for the addon to work correctly, the activated experiments are needed

Rules of use

If you are a content creator and you are interested in making a video of my addon, keep this in mind

Do not create links from my addon

Please do not provide the direct link

If this is not respected, I will have to use my copyright


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