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Bedrock More Doors V1.0

More Doors V1.0

Hello, do you want to add new doors? Are you tired of virtual doors and want more modern doors in order to make your home more colorful and modern? Well, you are in the right place. Modern doors believe me, you will like it.


Hello, sure. Maybe you want new doors designed in a modern and wonderful way to decorate your home, hotel, company or any building. Well, I added this, which is the first version and contains 6 modern and beautiful doors and you can make them. I will add more in the next updates, so do not hesitate to put forward your suggestion and thank you I will leave some pictures below and how to get and make and how to download

How to make in life mode

You can also get doors from the creative chest

Note: Pictures do not show the original quality and always underestimate their quality.

Some pictures

It is strictly forbidden to use any link of your own, only the link of this page


You must activate the experimental options as shown below or it will not work for you

Don’t know how to download, well this video will help you

creator: Creative Ritas


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