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Bedrock More Food V1

Today, advances in technology have brought us many innovations and have changed the way we live. One of the most impressive of these innovations is the Bedrock More Food V1, a compact device designed to help you grow food sustainably.

The Bedrock More Food V1 offers a simple and efficient solution to the problem of sustainable food production. It is designed to grow food indoors, eliminating the need for outdoor growing space and water. This makes it the perfect device for anyone looking to start a self-sustaining food-growing operation.

The device is capable of producing a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs for any occasion. It is equipped with a fan to promote airflow to the crops and a moisture sensor to help regulate hydration. Additionally, its adjustable lighting system ensures that the crops get enough light for optimal growth.

The Bedrock More Food V1 also has an innovative design, allowing it to be easily moved from one location to another. Beyond that, the device is fairly affordable, making it an attractive option for anyone looking for an efficient way to grow food.

In short, the Bedrock More Food V1 is an incredibly innovative and efficient device that could provide a solution to the challenge of sustainable food production. By reducing the amount of space, water, and energy needed to grow food, it could help bring fresh and healthy foods to people around the world. For those looking to produce their own food sustainably and without sacrificing too much space, the Bedrock More Food V1 could be the perfect solution.

More Food V1


Do you have ton of chicken eggs and don’t know what to do with them? With this add-on you can finally get Fried Eggs among many other food like Ice Cream, Slime Soup, Burger and much more!!

Do you have ton of chicken eggs and don’t know what to do with them? With this add-on you can finally get Fried Eggs among many other food like Ice Cream, Slime Soup, Burger and much more!!

More Food incorporates more food items and recipes to your world. This is mostly created to add fun to your Survival and enjoy playing with friends.
Here are all the recipes of the first version of the Add-On


Food Recipes



REMEMBER this is the first version of the Add-On, if you have any food you would like to see in future versions let us know in the comments. More recipes and delicious items are coming in the next updates.

This Add-On does not contain any ads as we tried to reduce them as much as possible and make it free and easy to download for everyone in the Minecraft Community. Thank you <3


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