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Bedrock More Rideable

More Rideable

More Rideable is an addition for those who want to ride more animals and monsters in Minecraft.
You especially can’t ride animals and monsters in the vanilla version of the game. Do you want, for example, to ride endermans, witch, slimes and other monsters? Just download this addon to get this chance, remember to enable Experimental gameplay mode before you use this addon. I hope you like it, download and enjoy


How to ride mobs?

-For mobile long press

-For Windows 10 Right click Please

Enable Experimental Gameplay before

Mobs you can ride :





 Polar bear


 Cow Mushroom






 Tropical Fish












 Wither Skeleton





 Zombified Piglin




 Glow Squid

 Cave Spider



 Elder Guardian


 Magma Cube




 Piglin Brute












 Snow Golem

 Iron Golem




  1. Download .Mcpack
  2. Open the file and wait for it to be imported automatically in Minecraft
  3. Activate the behavior pack in your world.
  4. Done

creator: https://www.facebook.com/ZETRO123/


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