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Bedrock More Spider! (Addon)

More Spider! (Addon)

Hey Guys are you bored of minecraft spiders Because These ones are weak And I have one Addon with Spiders! New ones! Instead Of The Old Minecraft Spider this addon features 4 Spiders


Let’s start with The First One

1.Creeper Spider

Creeper Spider is a Spider that exposes Like creepers And he has 30 Health and His Weakness Is Lava And mobs killing him He Runs 0.6

2.Ender Spider

Ender Spider Is an Enderman that teleports everywhere and blows himself when you go Near and It makes him Kill You Don’t look at him For Long! He has 28 Health And Weakness is mobs Killing him the same!

3.Electio Spider

Electo Spider is friendly spider In this Addon He Kills Creeper And Ender Spider You can Ride on Electo Spider! It’s Fun! His Health is 40 Weakness Is Strong Mobs

4.Real Spider

The Real spider Is the boss! He’s the strongest Spider In the addon He Kills Elecro Spider But he will kill Creeper and Ender Spider If They Hit him By Accident Or purpose Real Spider Shoots Wither Skulls That are dangerous! Use A shield and a Netherite Armor to protect yourself!

Health Is 140

Weakness Is Too Many Wither’s Or Mobs Trying to kill Him

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc1v3t0rJ2JrcraTV59TCTw


Press the mediafire button to play The Addon And Enjoy!


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