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Bedrock More Steve Addon!

More Steve Addon!

You want to see More Steve in minecraft?. Well if you say yes this add-on is for you. This add-on adds a 12 Steve Variants! and also I added a wolf and a car maybe?. All of them has a unique Abilities!. There are very strong Steve and also there are weak Steve.



Created by Inwardwolf6141
YT Channel Inwardwolf addon Creator Mc and GD

Let’s start with

Small Steve
A small version of steve, This Steve can ran Fast but it is weak if he is only one or two. He is strong if you spawn 10 to 20 small steve. Because if you spawn a lot of Small Steve the enemy can’t move!

Attack Damage:3
Speed:1.7 (fast)
Special: Strong if many.

3 in 1 Steve
For the first time there is a 3 in 1 Steve!!.
3 Steve I Merge together and they become 3 in 1 Steve The Attack damage of this is 9 because the normal Steve has a only 3 Attack damage.

Attack damage:9
Effects: Levitation

Fat Steve
Well before lockdown Steve eats more more more food! Because in lockdown there is less food he can buy so that’s why he eats many foods before lockdown. And now he is Fat!!!

Attack damage:3

Steve’s Wolf
This wolf it is belong to Steve. He is friendly wolf and very useful during adventures.

Attack damage:5

Flying Steve
Steve has a ability to fly!.This Steve is almost the same to ghast but Flying Steve will shoot many fireballs and fly Faster!

Attack damage:-
Special:Range and fly
Shoots: 10 fireballs at the same time

Corrupted Steve
This Steve was corrupted by ender man but he is also friendly. He had a ability to teleport like enderman but he hates water! 

Attack damage:13
Effects: Weakness

Pro Steve
After Hard work and hard school now Steve is a professional!.He is very good at fighting monsters!. So make sure to hire him as your guard!. remember He can saw far!

Health: 100
Attack damage: 15

Very Fat Steve
When the pandemic happened Steve can’t go outside so he decided to eat eat eat eat eat more foods!.And now he is Very fat and he walks slow!.But do not under estimate him he walks slow but he is very strong!

Attack damage:20

Giant Steve
So there is a small version of steve right?.So I also made a giant version of steve!.He has a massive amounts of health and has a massive amounts of Attack damage but he walks slower than Very fat Steve!

Attack damage:50
Speed:0 (oh no!)

Survived Steve
This Steve is escaped from the monsters!.He Survived! But this Steve will run if he sees a monsters.You must Protect this steve.This Steve it might be useful?

Attack damage:-
Special:Run away if there is a monster!

Steve With Matrix
This Steve is actually based on ben 10.Steve matrix is also based on ben 10’s Omnitrix!.This Steve will transform into Cyborg Steve if he is hit by monster!This Steve is powerful!

Attack damage:10
Special:will transform into cyborg Steve if get hit by mobs!

Second Stage of Steve if Matrix (cyborg Steve)
One of the power full Steve Variant he is the most strongest Range Steve he is top 2 strong Steve in this add-on .He will shoot many many laser beams(arrow) with lightning bolt!

Attack damage:-
Shoots powerful laser beams with lightning bolt
Special:Range powerful (top 2)

Top One Powerful

Steve Mech
There it is the Powerful Steve in this add-on!
He uses a robo mech to kill monsters he is very tough and had a massive amounts of Attack damage! And Cannot be knock back by Cyborg Steve!

Attack damage:50
Effects: instant Damage
Special: very strong!

 For More details please watch this video!👇👇👇👇

Here’s a video showcase

So that’s it!
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If your gonna use the add-on or you make a video please don’t use the MediaFire link use the link or else I will report you!




I already fixed the description I hope You will accept this:)

Various Bugs fixed!

I work hard at this Addon I hope you like it:)


Click here to download

Click the mcaddon file

Then choose documents

Then choose Minecraft

Wait until the successfully imported Show!

Create new world

Turn on Experimental gameplay Exept Enable Gametest Framework

Then apply both resources and behaviors

Then play!

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGPQIt3xF1c-YielFlDEY0w


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