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Well Some players of minecraft wants bombing the whole world!.They use tnt. But in minecraft there is only one TNT on Minecraft and that TNT doesn’t give you big explosion or small explosion. But in this add-on will add-on 4 TNT in the Minecraft!. Now you can Choose which TNT you want


Created by Inwardwolf61415

YouTube Inwardwolf addon Creator Mc and GD

Let’s start with
No time TnT

Well this tnt is similar to underwater TNT but this tnt ones you ignite it it will explode immediately unlike the normal tnt.

Explosion: Normal
Time to explode: 0s

TnT with Time

Well this tnt is just like a time bomb!. If you ignite it you will wait 10s to explode!. And also the explosion of this tnt is big!

Explosion: Big
Time to explode: 10s

TnT Barrel

This tnt has a small explosion than the normal tnt and also this tnt ones exploded it doesn’t spread a fire!

Explosion: Small
Time to explode: The same to normal tnt
It won’t spread fire

Nuke TnT

Now this tnt is the most powerful TNT in the add-on the explosion on this tnt can reach a far!. Ones you ignite it you have 30s to run!.This TNT can kill wither and enderdragon instantly!

Explosion: Massive
Time to explode: 30s
Can Spread many fires

If your gonna use the add-on please don’t use your own link or MediaFire link use this link or else I will report you!

Credit me if you want.

Here’s a video showcase

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Click here to download

Go to your Minecraft app

Wait until the successfully imported Show

Create new world

Apply both resources and behaviors

Turn on Experimental gameplay Except Enable Gametes Framework

Then play!


By aadhu

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