(M)ore! (V2.1)

Ever wanted new Ores in Minecraft which don’t just add new Armor and tools?WELL! Then your at the right place :)This Addon adds 10 New Ores which have special uses.An explanation to (M)ore: (M)ore (Or More ore) Is an addon which adds not just ores, it also adds crystals,alloys,geodes,etc And this also not just for the Overworld Each Ore has special abilitys. Like Jasper can be made into an artefact or Bronze into statues Ofc there Are ores which can be made into Tools/armors like Tin


Lets begin with the Overworld Ores
(P.s you can craft an Guide Book in the addon)





Pearl is an “Structure Ore” so it spawns in an Structure


First all blocks of Pearl:

Pearls spawn in an Strucure called Clams.

These have 2 ways to spawn. Closed and Opened. However each has a Pearl block in them

They also only spawn in Oceans

They for now only can be made into Decoration blocks.. 
for now 🙂



Next is Obsidian Diamond Ore which also is a “Structure Ore” which spawns in the Overworld and Nether

Nothing too Special tbh

It can drop 1-3 Diamonds (And needs ofc a Diamond pickaxe or higher)

Next is



Sulfur spawns really common and has 2 Uses

First you can make Gun powder out of it

And also some nice decoration Blocks

(Sulfur needs an Stone pickaxe or higher)



Next is Aluminum (Needs Stone pickaxe or higher)

Its really common and can be made into Lanterns and Chains.

It can also be made into Carrots and apples

The Carrots are the best Food sourch btw

Next is Bronze an Alloy out of Tin and Copper

To get Bronze do this:

Put both The Tin and Copper in the Crafting table to get “Tin and Copper ingot” Then put it in the Furnace/Blast furnace to get  Bronze

Bronze can be made into Chains/Lanters too and can be made into Statues

Recipe of Statues:


Recipe of Bronze:


Next is TIN! (Needs Stone pickaxe or higher)

Tin can also be made into Lanterns and Chains.

HOWEVER also into Armor and Tools.

Its a bit better then Iron 




Resonite is a Crystal and Structure Ore.
It spawns in the Nether and Warped Forest Only!

They need an Iron Pickaxe and Can be used to CRAFT Enchanted Books.

Here some examples:

Next Is Jasper

This only has 1 Use for now..

The Jasper Artefact have different types. As example the one out of Gold when using it heals you. Its pretty cheap and has only 5 uses


And now the strongest of all of them



Its the Diamond of the End (Needs Iron pickaxe or higher)

It can’t despawn and Explode.

The rest is pretty much the same as diamond









This is an Nether Ore which needs Iron Pickaxe to be mined

It has 6 uses for now

which are 5 chests.

The Manganese Chest (Iron and gold and Copper and Diamond and Netherite)

they have more slots then a Normal Chest







Now we get into




Rose Gold
Its the same how you get Bronze (Just with Copper and Gold)

Its Faster then Gold and Netherite and has more Durablity then Iron

It also has Chains and Lanterns



Next is Duralumin which is made out of Aluminium,copper and Manganese

It has really High Durablity (7000+) But is as good as iron



Next is Crystalized Diamonds.
They spawn randomly on caves and have 4 Stages which can be found.

They need an iron Pickaxe to be mined btw

when mined you get the Crystals. put these in the stonecutter to get the Cut versions. Which these you can get tools from it. They are REALLY Sharp and do a lot of damage. However they have a little more durablilty then Iron and can’t be enchanted (Only unbreaking and Mending works)



Next is another Crystal from the Nether
the turquoise Crystal

They also need atleast an Iron Pickaxe.

When broken you can make out of the Shards “Clam Quartz”

When interacted you can get these effects:

They also remove some effects like slowness

Calm quartz can be used to make Enchanted Golden Apples

Now Electrum

It has 2 uses (Needs btw Stone pickaxe)

when mined you get the Nuggets

Both Nugget and Ingot can be used as a Really good Fuel

They can also be made into an Lighting staff

It will strike lighting on these objects:
Iron ingot/Nugget
Copper ingot

Electrum nugget/Ingot

Electrum Nuggets can be used to Upgrade:
Rose Gold



And Duralumin

They are crafted like this:

They Are better and Stronger.
However the Tools have a power:
When a Electrum Nugget is on the Ground and you interact with it it gets into Hyper Mode.
However there it will loose 10 Durability then.


Next is Lead (Needs Stone Pickaxe)

The Armor when worn will remove all Bad effects:

Here the list:

Lead helmet Removes: 

Lead Chestplate Removes: 

Lead Leggings Removes:
 -Mining Fatigue

Lead Boots Removes:

Lead has really low Armor points however:

It can be used aswell to make poison Potion


Next is Jade (Needs wooden Pickaxe)

It can be made into a few nice Decoration Blocks.




All Ores and where they spawn

aluminum (Overworld)
y= -10 – 70

Crystal Diamond(Overworld)
Y=12- -64


Jasper (Overworld)

Y= 40- -20


maganese(Everywhere Nether)

Onyx(Everywhere End)


Resonite (Warped Forest)

Obsidian diamond Ore (Nether and Overworld caves)


Pearl (In oceans)


Sulfur (Overworld)

Y= 93 – -2


Tin (Overworld)

Y= 93-20


Electrum (Overworld)

Y=64- -64


Turquoise(Nether everywhere)

Lead (Overworld):

Y= -23 – 70

Jade (Overworld)

Y= -10 – 70


Here is all Stuff Durability,attack damage and such:

This is all 
Hope you enjoy 🙂


-Added Jade 
-Added Lead 
-Made the Rotation of the Chains Better 
-Added Electric Tools/Armor
-Rose Gold Chains are craftable now
-All Ores also spawn under Y=0
-Changed spawning of some ores and the Obsidian Pillars


Just well


Also turn on all Experimental Gameplay Features

creator: https://www.youtube.com/laiffoo


By aadhu

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