More Vanilla Mobs

Have you ever wanted to add some new mobs in to your survival world?Have you ever wanted to fight some tougher mobs?Are you starting to find normal vanilla mobs are boring?well if you do this add-on is perfect for you 



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White Fox


Spawn :  Spawns in Overworld

Health : 20

About :  The White fox Has an arctic style (showed in the showcase video).  The White fox is super cute especially when standing up and sleeping  The White Fox also has a child varient. 

Attack Damage : 2

Loot : Nothing (unless there holding something)



Spawn :  Spawns in Overworld

Health : 8

About :  a very weak mob but spruces up forests and is very annoying in groups

Attack Damage : 1 

Loot : Nothing


Nether Skeleton 

Spawn : Spawns in the nether 

Health : 180

Ranged Attack :  Bow and arrow

About : Spawns everywhere in the nether and guaranteed to make your nether experience even more painful 

Loot :  Bone, Bone Block and Dye 






Bee Keeper


Health : 25

About : Wanders With Bees On leads for defensive purposes and has terrible trades 

Spawn : Spawns in forests and flower forests 

Trades : Same Trades as the Wandering Trader

Spawn Entity :  6 Bees 

Loot : Nothing



Nether Trader


Health : 60 

About : How did he get here? and why has he teamed with the blazes? who knows.

Spawn : Spawns in the nether 

Trades : Same as wandering trader

Spawn Entity : 2 Blazes

Loot : Nothing 



Jungle Skeleton


Health : 30 

About : To make your jungle experience more annoying/painful

Spawn : Jungles 

Ranged Attack : Bow and arrow 

Loot : Normal Skeleton Loot



Zombie Golem 


Health :  125

About : Have you thought iron golems were hard?  well the zombie golem is here to ruin your day 

Attack Damage : 10

Spawn : Spawns in the overworld 

Loot : rotten flesh





Wart Hoglin / Zoglin 


Hoglin Health : 120

Zoglin Health : 40

Hoglin Attack : 3

Zoglin Attack : 3

About : Hoglins and Zoglins merged with the harshness of the nether 

Hoglin/Zoglin Spawn :  Spawns in the nether 

Hoglin/Zoglin Loot : Rotten Flesh





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Showcase :    (arctic style for the white fox is in this video)

creator: Amber Mods



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