More Vehicles

Start your own taxi service, drive your friends around and charge them! Or an ice-cream truck business. Maybe just have some fun blasting around in your dune buggy and SUV, running down those mobs. Four vehicles (and a salesman to buy them from). Happy days.


Here’s a quick rundown of the vehicles.

Used Car Salesman

To get any of these vehicles you need to find yourself a Used Car Salesman, just like these gentlemen:

Check out birch forests at day time. These guys deal in emerald blocks, so bring your stash. The salesman will trade different vehicles, if one doesn’t have the vehicle you’re after, find another!

The Vehicles

All vehicles are tough and can run over monsters. They have different characteristics depending which biome they are driven in. For example a taxi is very slow through the desert but a dune buggy is very fast. Ice cream trucks are slow just about everywhere (not too bad in Plains biomes). All vehicles will drop their spawn egg if a player destroys them. If they are destroyed by running over a cactus or whatever, no spawn egg for you!


This is the only four-seater.

Dune Buggy

A two-seater in a wide range of colors.


Another two-seater, go for the crazy rainbow version.

Ice Cream Truck

Who doesn’t want one of these! No ice cream though. Grab the junk food addon and you’re good to go.

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