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Bedrock More Weapons v1

More Weapons v1 [1.16.100+]

In this addon, I added in total 16 brand new weapons to the game. Out of these 16, there are 8 new swords and 8 new battle axes. These weapons are simple and easy to craft with some cool textures with them. 


All the weapons:

Redstone Sword- 

5 damage

200 Durability


Redstone Battleaxe-

13 Damage

800 Durability


Lapis Sword-

4 Damage

140 Durability


Lapis Battleaxe-

10 Damage

500 Durability


Emerald Sword-

9 Damage

1200 Durability


Emerald Battleaxe-

36 Damage

3000 Durability


Copper Sword-

6 Damage

250 Durability


Copper Battleaxe-

15 Damage

900 Durability


Obsidian Sword-

8 Damage

2500 Durability


Obsidian Battleaxe-

30 Damage

10000 Durability


Netherrack Sword-

5 Damage 

200 Durability


Netherrack Battleaxe-

13 Damage

800 Durability


Quartz Sword- 

7 Damage

700 Durability


Quartz Battleaxe-

24 Damage

1500 Durability


Magma Sword-

7 Damage

700 Durability


Magma Battleaxe-

27 Damage

2000 Durability



creator: AfterMvth



Click the Linkvertise link to download. You may have to scroll down a little to find the “Free Access W/Ads” Button but once you find it, click it and follow the remaining steps. 



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