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Bedrock Mortal swords

Mortal swords

Bored by playing normal Minecraft weapons?? NO PROBLEM!! 😀 Now you can enjoy 5+ NEW weapons in minecraft! (More must be added in new updates) Named as:-5.Glassy killer4.Iron killer3.Blue hunter2.Bloody bad1.BlackyIf you support this addon as much as possible, NEW UPDATE IS COMING!!!!

5. Glassy killer

  Made of 2 glasses,1 stick with 6+ damage

  Not soo much cool, but OK!!

4. Iron killer

   Made of 2 iron blocks, 4 iron blade (new item, crafting recipe in end) and 1stick, with damage 8+

  Mmmmm… Nice!

3.Blue hunter

  Made of 2 amethyst cluster, 2 diamonds and 1 blaze rod,which give effects like :- Speed, water breathing, with damage 12+


Amazing weapon and design if you like blue colour!!! 😀

2. Bloody bad

  Made of 4 diamonds, 2 red golds (new item, recipe in end) and 1 stick with effects like :- Jump boost, night vision, slow falling and speed, with damage 15+



 Oh! Nice red color! >:-)


   Made of 1 nether star, 4 netherite ignot, 1 red gold and 1 blaze rod with effects like :- fire resistance, health boost, invisibility, jump boost, night vision, slow falling, speed, strength and water breathing! with damage 20+

 Sword of LEGENDS!

New items recipes 🙂 (more must be added in new updates)

2. Red gold

  Made with 8 redstone blocks and 1 gold ingot

  A bit easy recipe 🙂

1. Blade

  Made with 2 iron ingot

  Nice dude!




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