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Bedrock Mountain Update

Mountain Update

  • Do you like to add your world a new Golem like Iron Golem? Try this one this add-on adds new variant Golem, New friend and new defender, more Golems to defend the Villager from the hostile mobs
  • Minecraft Versions
  • 1.17.40 to 1.18+
  • Added Mountain Creeper

New Mobs

Mountain Golem 

Health: 300

Speed: 0.29

Knockback resistance: 1.9

Attack damage: min range: 10                                            max range: 29

See distance: 29

Mountain Creeper 

Health: 25

Speed: 0.2 

Explode time: 1.6 

normal {Explode power}: 4

charged {Explode power}: 7

Pls don’t steal or upload my add-on to another website / apps

Thank you


+Mountain Creeper 

+New link

+Direct link mediafire 

+New model Mountain Golem 


1.install the addon 

2.go to my files, go to download and find the addon you install and click the Mountain Golem.mcaddon

3.turn on all the experimental game play and education edition 

Thank you

Thank you

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwu06TP_NZuNv5KA54AuTig


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