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Bedrock Mousetraps Mod!

Mousetraps Mod!

This was never intended to be released but i decided to post it anyway. In this addon, I add two things that i think you’ll really like! If you like pranking or setting up defences, read on…


Mousetrap – This block summons an infinite loop of Evocation Fangs on it and kills instantly although mobs can rarely escape due to health. This can be used as a defence for your base as mobs avoid this block.

Mouse – Then, of course, there is a mouse mob. You can tame it with potatoes but it won’t follow you. It is most likely to step on the Mousetrap block when it has nowhere to go. They have 8 health and drop 10 XP!

Here is a video about the mod:

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQDWwZ7YdV_sVZ–XNW_NhQ


  1. Click the link and it’ll download instantly!

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