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Bedrock MrXtr8me’s Medieval Vanilla Expansion

MrXtr8me’s Medieval Vanilla Expansion


Did you ever want a medieval style Minecraft? Well if you add some medieval fantasy to your Minecraft world then I bring to you my own expansion. This addon brings to you Goblins, Trolls, Knights, Kings, armors, weapons, Castles and much more. If you want to support me or ask any doubts or bug fixes, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel. https://youtube.com/c/MrXtr8me





Goblins are small, greedy and strong green creatures who love silver. They spawn naturally and mostly carry silver swords.



Knights are neutral mobs who might attack you until you hire them. To hire them you must create a Hire Knight orb and give it to them. Knights drop Knight’s sword.



King have a rare chance to spawn in your world. They summon guards and drop crown.



Trolls are neutral mobs that spawn at night. They give a lot of damage and mostly avoid players.



Wizards are the counterparts of witches and are good unlike witches who left their territory and joined the side of evil.


Archer Villager:

Archer Villager are guards who use bow and arrow for combat. They spawn at night.


Nether Explorer Villager:

Nether Explorer Villager are the villagers who were sent to the nether to explore and had to adapt in the hot climate of the nether. They spawn in both overworld and nether and trade some nether items.


Villager guards:

Villager guards are the guardians of the king and spawn nearby the king. They are neutral mobs and attack when hurt.


Mossy Skeleton:

Just a skeleton who is covered in moss and wields a sword.


Piglin Knight:

Piglin Knights are piglins covered in netherite and give a lot of damage. They are slow but strong.


Piglin Chief:

Piglins have a tradition in which they choose their leaders. The leaders must be able to lead the clan and must be able to top some of the other mobs in the nether. The best of the piglin becomes the leader. A chief. A Piglin Chief carries a hammer and are larger in size then the average piglin. They drop their hammer.




Phoenix are birds who are born from a fire after their death. Not much functions is added to this mob for time being but I will add some in the next update. For now it flies in the air.


Ender piglin:

Ender piglins are piglins who inhabitated the end. They have the ability to teleport but walk slowly. They mostly wield adamantine weapons and armors.


Ender piglin brute:

Ender piglin brutes are the end version of the piglin brute and have similar teleport abilities. They wield much more effective weapons and are much larger and faster than ender piglin.




There are  tons of structures in this expansion mostly medivial based as I wanted it to feel more vanilla.




Castle Towers:

Medivial wall:

Weapons and Armors and other:


Each armor has its specific function and can be crafted. They have a similar pattern for crafting and  mostly the materials can be obtained in ores.

Ores include adamantine, silver, titanium bronze. They spawn naturally and are rare in nature. Adamantine can be found only in the end.



Emerald Armor and tools:

Knight Armor and broadsword:

Adamantine armor and tools:

Ender dragon scale armor and Dragon’s Bane:

Silver knife and sword:

Titanium Armor and tools:


Bronze armor and tools:

Chief Hammer:

Champion’s Shield:

Titanium Armor and tools:

Mining helmet:



Ingots can be crafted into blocks for no storage problem and building.


Block of Titanium:

Block of Silver:

Ender dragon scales are dropped by the dragons but also has a crafting recipe for the ender dragon armor.



Foods help you stay healthy so carrying them must be fun for your adventures.







Turn on all experimental gameplay then turn on both resource and behavior pack. If it does not work try creating a new world. 

creator: https://twitter.com/MXtr8me



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