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Bedrock My Waifus Addon

My Waifus Addon

You want to have Anime characters into Minecraft but don’t know how, Yes you found it right this is the addon for you. Wish you experience a whole new addon with your own favorite Anime characters. Enter the game and enjoy it.


What’s in this addon ???

There are 25 characters in this addon :

-Each core has a different characteristic
-Characters will be spawned in the wild (all day , mainly found in the forest)

-If we are friends with a character . Use cookies to make friends

-After making friends . She can sit down according to your instructions

-If you don’t want to miss a good friend, hold him back with a rope


-There are a few more discs to make the game more fun


-The design of the bed has been changed to fit the addon better

-Some equipment and drop effects

-Change some of the wall paintings to be more cute

List of characters
1 – Aharen
2 – Albedo
3 – Altria
4 – Anya
5 – Eiko
6 – Komi-San
7- Rem.
8 – Kurumi
9 – Megumin
10 – Mieruko
11 – Mitsuri
12 – Nanami
13 – Ram
14 – Raphtalia
15 – Rikka
16 – Roxy
17 – Sagiti
18 – Siesta
19 – Toga
20 – Uta
21 – Uzaki
22 – Violet
23 – Yotsiba
24 – Yumeko
25 – Zerotwo

The last thing turn on all the add-ons if you don’t want it to fail. Thanks for reading


creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5Sy422L7l2qS999d8qFxmw


Click on the link to download it and enjoy it. Thanks Guys.


Click on the link to download it and enjoy it. Thanks



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