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Bedrock Mystical Expansion Addon 1.19+

It is a great day for the Bedrock platform, as it is now the host of the new Bedrock Mystical Expansion Addon 1.19+, an excellent new addition to the bedrock family. This new addon brings an array of new features that provide an opportunity to build experiences of mystical elements to Minecraft players on the bedrock platform.

The Bedrock Mystical Expansion Addon is designed to bring an immersive and highly polished experience to Minecraft players on the bedrock platform. For example, this addon adds the ability for players to craft powerful artifacts, like weapons and armor with potent magical abilities. It also enables the craft of mystical tools, enchantments, and rituals.

Thanks to this addon, players can discover and explore brand-new biomes that are full of unique creatures and experiences. These biomes include Haunted Ruins, Forest of Spirits, and Witch’s Lair. Each of these biomes is filled with hidden treasures, unique monsters, and special events that are sure to excite players of all ages.

The Bedrock Mystical Expansion Addon also adds plenty of new items, blocks, and structures. These include items such as runes, magic portals, and mysterious artifacts. There are also many additional blocks, items, and structures that offer players an engaging adventure.

In addition to all of these awesome features, the Bedrock Mystical Expansion Addon also adds a new campaign to the game that centers around the evil force of the Grulek. Players will have the chance to battle against the Grulek with their powerful artifacts and the help of their allies.

The Bedrock Mystical Expansion Addon is an exciting way for players on the Bedrock Platform to experience a variety of brand-new stories, creatures, and locations in Minecraft. We recommend checking it out to any player looking for an entertaining, immersive experience.

Mystical Expansion Addon 1.19+


Head out for new thrilling and amazing adventures searching for this new structures with their awesome loots! Craft new weapons with insane abilities! Beware of the awfully powerful bosses and new strong mobs you might encounter!



This addon adds 13 new structures with varying good loots and corresponding mobs and bosses in them!

Sea Tower 

Rarity – Uncommon

Can be found above the oceans in any part of the overworld. Guardians spawn here.

Water Shards can be found here

Sky Island


Rarity – Rare

Spawns above the sky y-100. If you want to be rich(in gold) this is your best bet.


Bolt Shards can be found here

Brutal Field

Rarity – Rare

This spawns on any part of the land and where the Brutal Zombie boss also resides. Better avoid it unless you’re thirsty for netherite in the chests.

Conduit Sphere

Rarity – Uncommon

Spawns underwater and has a working conduit inside. Best Enchantments I suppose.

End Camp

Rarity – Uncommon

Can be found in the End Dimension and has Enderfriend spawners. Free Enchantment Table, who wouldn’t like that?

Green Copper Altar

Rarity- Uncommon

Spawns anywhere in the overworld. Villager’s pleasure.


Rarity – Uncommon

Located in the nether. First test structure! It somehow looks fine, so why not add some loot in it?

Copper Altar

Rarity – Common

Very Easy to find, only in the overworld. Player’s Treasure.

Soul Tower

Rarity – Rare

This is where Boss Spectral Apparition and Spectral Apparitions are spawning. Avoid this please…

Soul Shards can be found here

Cursed Nest

Rarity – Rare

Generated in the nether and where Cursed Spirits are found. Annoying bats, delicious netherites though.

Obsidian Maze

Rarity – Really Rare

Just a small enclosed area made of obsidian and glowing obsidian that generates in the overworld. (Supposed to be a maze, made it so why not add it right? It has awesome loots so why not?)

Spider Dungeon

Rarity – Common

A Tall dungeon where spiders live. The best place to look for cobwebs. Meet their mother!

Great Tree

Rarity – Good Luck finding it

Interesting… Now where’s the loot?


Nature Shards Can be found here




This addon adds 9 mobs with 4 bosses. They can be found anywhere in the overworld(in their structures), in the nether or in the end dimension!

Brutal Zombie (BOSS)

Has a chance to drop Brutal Cleaver

Giant Spider(BOSS)



Has a chance to drop Atrocious Bident


Thunder Guardian



Can drop Bolt Shards when killed

Cursed Spirit




Cursed Summoner(BOSS)






Blood Zombie



Drops Blood Shards

Spectral Apparition



 Has very little chance to drop Soul Shards

Boss Spectral Apparition(BOSS)


Dmg-10(Deals Nausea)

Can drop Soul Shard and also might drop Soul Blade


Shards Trader



Trades various shards for 10 netherite scraps each. Their trades vary from each trader.

It attacks hostile mobs but will try to attack you if you attack him.

Spawns almost everywhere.



Bolt Dagger

+8 Atk.


Repairable Items

-Bolt Shard

-Bolt Dagger

Skill-Can shoot bolt daggers that pierces through enemies and moves in a straight line. 

Cooldown-0.7 seconds

Golden Blade

+7 Atk.


Repairable Items

-Gold Ingot


-Golden Blade

Skill-Grants 50 seconds night vision to the user

Cooldown-60 seconds

Great Axe of Nature

+13 Atk.


Repairable Items

-Nature Shard

-Great Axe of Nature

Skill-Creates a shield of nature around you which lasts for 25 seconds that prevents mobs from going in and pushing them away

Cooldown-100 seconds

Soul Blade

+11 Atk.


Repairable Items

-Iron Ingot

-Soul Blade

Skill-Creates a large orb which lasts for 15 seconds that immediately sucks entities within the radius of 10 blocks, keeping them inside and quickly dealing damage. It will also try to suck nearby entities after activation.


Cooldown-100 seconds

Sword of the Seas

+12 Atk.


Repairable Items

-Water Shard

-Sword of the Seas

Skill-Sets entities within 10 block radius spinning in there place in a bubble tornado and dealing great damage quickly that lasts  for 10 seconds.

Cooldown-60 seconds

Atlantic Spear

+9 Atk.


Repairable Items

-Water Shard

-Atlantic Spear

Skill-Targets entities within 10 block radius, causing pointy ends of the spear to fall rapidly above the entities dealing great damage. 

Cooldown-50 seconds

Atrocious Bident


+10 Atk.


Repairable Items

-Netherite Ingot

-Atrocious Bident

Skill-Can shoot painful skull projectiles at really fast and short intervals. (Like an SMG)


Blazing Knife

+8 Atk.


Repairable Items

-Blaze Powder

-Blazing Knife

Skill-Grants 90 seconds fire resistance to the user.

Cooldown-120 seconds

Bleeding Katana

+12 Atk.



Repairable Items

-Blood Shard

-Bleeding Katana

Skill-Grants 3 seconds of Level 6 Regeneration to user.

Cooldown-30 seconds

Brutal Cleaver

Can only be dropped by the Brutal Zombie

+15 Atk.


Repairable Items

-Netherite Ingot

-Brutak Cleaver

-Skill- Shoots a Brutal Fall that explodes and destroys almost everything near it.

Cooldown-300 seconds

Mace of Garb

+11 Atk.


Repairable Items


-Mace of Garb


-Skill-Summons an Ender friend that shoots enemies (or you)

Cooldown-50 second

Cursed Blade

Obtainable through the Cursed Nest Structure in the Nether

+11 Atk.


Repairable Items

-Netherite Ingot

-Mace of Garb

-Skill-Summons a cursed spirit that shoots enemies (or you)

Cooldown-40 seconds

Air Staff

+4 Atk.


Skill-Grants 5 seconds levitation and 10 seconds slow falling to user.

Cooldown-5 seconds

Healing Staff

+5 Atk.



Skill-Creates a 10 block wide area of healing effect that is applicable to players within 5 block radius upon activition of the skill.

Cooldown-120 seconds


Also added a new item! The Cleanser! This only clears you as a target of one of the skills. 

Mob Spawning also has been modified, some monsters might spawn in larger groups, and Wither Skeletons and Blazes spawn in the Overworld and End Dimension now




Some weapons that have AOE like the Sword of the Seas and Soul Blade can affect every player within the radius excluding yourself. So it is not recommended to use their skills while you have allies nearby(you can make them stand directly on your position but that might not work). I’ll try making an ally system in the future to fix this.


To see the addon in action and how to obtain other stuff check out this video below that elaborates most of the content in this addon! 



creator: https://twitter.com/ZussmanKlint                


Just click the link and go through a few ads! 

Then once you download the file click it and open it to Minecraft!

Remember to download both Behavior Pack and Resource Pack!


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