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Bedrock Mythical Pets (Compatible With Any Addon 1.18+)

Mythical Pets (Compatible With Any Addon 1.18+)

Ever feel like Minecraft lack pets? Here is Addon that adds new useful pets with healing ability and others. This pets will help you during exploration in the new cave update and while also fights monsters.


This addon adds 3 new pets that have unique ability to help you throughout adventure. These pets abilities and stats are balanced to avoid player getting too strong in game. Most of these mobs can be tamed except Crimson Golem. Because the healing ability is too strong which you can use lead to make it follow you. But for most pets, they can follow you where u go, Here are my gameplays with this addon.



Crimson Golem

  • Has the ability to heal player
  • Crimson golem can be heal by using red mushroom
  • Crimson Golem can heal player up to 4 hearts in 6 seconds
  • You need to be near the golem to get heals
  • Wave his antenna when player are near his healing range
  • Does not follow player (for balance gameplay)
  • Can be leash
  • Has 10 hearts of health



Iron Dwarf

  • Has 50 hearts of health
  • Can be tame using iron nugget
  • Can be heal using raw iron, iron block and iron ingot
  • Can attack monster with high damage
  • Can follow player wherever player go
  • Can be leash
  • Can be sit like wolf and cat
  • Deals 8 attacking damage
  • Would not attack creeper


Lush Fairy

  • Can fly and float around you
  • Has the ability to give player slow falling effect(help player when exploring cave)
  • You need to touch the Fairy to gain the effect
  • Has 6 hearts of health
  • Can be tame using glow berries
  • Can follow player wherever player go
  • Can be leash


You need to craft egg to spawn your pets. Some materials that needed are Nether Wart Blocks, Totem of Undying, Lightning Rod, Iron Blocks and Moss block.

Here are the recipes which can help you craft the egg.

Recipes :


creator: Sopik Addon


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