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Bedrock Nadd Series: Animal 1.0.0

Nadd Series: Animal 1.0.0

Nadd Series: Animal 1.0.0

You wanna try my Addon? In this Addon you can found new animals that will give better atmosphere such as duck, piranha, moobloom, moolip, bear, and more.


My Addon Features

This Addon support for survival game, some animal have their own animation and unique behavior.

this is some example from my Addon:


This animal can lay egg like chicken, you can breed them with any seed. They will cleaning theirself sometime. Duck are afraid of Boar.

Moobloom & Moolip

“Bee and Moobloom are friends, right Agnes?”. Do you remember that? Yes, I am bring this mob to the game. Bee like their flower, so they are really friends.


It will give more challange in Jungle, they will attack all mob except Skeleton, because Skeleton too skinny.


Secret mob? hmm… What you need to know just don’t approach them when they have a child. They like hunting Boar and Fox.

You can see more animal in trailer below:

There are still many feature in my Addon, you can find all by yourself or you can see all feature in “Nadds Book.txt” in R folder.



  • You can use this Addon for your videos in Youtube or other, but you must credit me.
  • You are not allowed to publish this Addon on other Addon Website/Application, and don’t take this as YOURS.
  • If you wanna share this Addon, just use the original link, you not allowed to use your own link.
  • You can use my Addon for learning.

I spent more than 1 month to make this Addon(and trailer too) from zero. Because i am still newbie, maybe my Addon still have bugs, you can report any bugs in here or my Youtube Channel(Box04). We will meet next time with different Series… Thanks!



Fix my link and file, sorry for make you all waiting


You must turn on the following feature:

If you found “Molang Experimental”, you must turn on that too.

creator: youtube.com/channel/UCfs3R2v_T2OxZUFsZebF7qQ


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