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Bedrock Nadd Series: Nature 1.0.0

Nadd Series: Nature 1.0.0

Different series from Nadd Series addon. If you’re looking for addon which is make your world more interesting, you can try it! This addon bring new blocks, flowers, tree, and other to enhance your world. Around 25 blocks has been added and still lot feature in my addon waiting you all to try.


My Addon Features

Like before, my addon support for survival game. You can try it by yourself.

This is some example from my addon:

Blue and Pink Lupine in Flower Forest

I added some new flowers to decorate your world, one of them is Lupine Flower. You can found it only in Plains or Flower Forest.



More mushroom types

I added new mushroom type, Big version of mushroom. Also I added new variant of mushroom, Yellow Mushroom.


Palm tree, Coconut and Oasis

Your desert won’t feel so empty anymore now. Palm tree will give a little nuance of life. If you are thirsty in desert you can found Oasis and take some Coconut while resting.

More customization for building

I give my building block more customization to make it a little more detailed. You can change some building shape with Builder Hammer.


You can see trailer below for more introduction:


  • You can use this Addon for your videos in Youtube or other, but you must credit me.
  • You are not allowed to publish this Addon on other Addon Website/Application, and don’t take this as YOURS.
  • If you wanna share this Addon, just use the original link, you not allowed to use your own link.
  • You can use my Addon for learning.

How about this series? Is it nice? It use new addon structure(1.17.30), only for 1.17.30+ version. You can report any bug in here or my channel(Box 04). Next update won’t be series update, but special update. Stay tuned all! Thanks.

Known Issues:

  • Vanilla tools won’t affect mining speed for custom block, so you need use my custom tools too. Because limitation.
  • Stair use collision like Slab. Because limitation.
  • Stair and Slab not water logged. Because limitation.


You must turn on the following feature:

creator: youtube.com/channel/UCfs3R2v_T2OxZUFsZebF7qQ


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