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Bedrock Nameless Baubles

Nameless Baubles [Full Compatible]


It adds baubles like earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces in the game. Baubles have their slots and effects. The addon don’t uses any entities [including player.json] and full compatible with other. 

This is my first add-on, that I have published, please tell me, if you have bugs. Multiplayer should work.

The addon adds six slots:

  • Hat
  • Bracelets
  • Necklace
  • Ring
  • Earrings
  • Underwear

If you put to bauble slot anything, which isn’t bauble, it will disappear.(and if “Wild Update” turn off).

To craft some baubles you need multigem:

Currently we have 23 baubles:

  • Copper, Iron and Gold hats (resistance)
  • Emerald, amethyst, diamond and multigem necklace (village hero | haste on grass| conduit power in water | invisibility)
  • Amethyst, diamond, emerald and multigem earrings (night vision and darkness in the water| water breathing in water| saturation and poison | haste in air )
  • T-shirt (jump boost on grass)
  • Sport Jacket (speed)
  • Fireproof Jacket (fire resistance)
  • Bandage (regeneration 1 for 1,5 minutes) (single use)
  • Amethyst, diamond, emerald, multigem and just Ring (slow falling| resistance [absorption with iron bracelets]| village hero | strength| none)
  • Iron bracelets (strength for critical [when you jumping])

All effects, exlude effects from multigem ring and bracelets, gold hat, adds up.(if you wear multigem ring and bracelets at the same time, slowness will appear)

There are crafts:







You can modify this add-on, use it in your modpacks or publish on other sites, but you MUST write that it’s mine.

If you have bug, write it in comments.

Known bugs:

If you have some ideas, please, write them in comments!



For low devices:  

  1. Download the “command” version 
  2. Import into Minecraft and enter the world 
  3. Put a command block and write “function command”, switch to “Cycle” and “Always works”. 
  4. Get up on the command block
  5. Write in chat /tickingarea add ~~~ ~~~ command

For other devices:

Just play, you don’t need doing anything, exclude importing in Minecraft

creator: Error404.mcfunction


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