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Bedrock Naruto Craft V6

Naruto Craft V6

Naruto craft is a naruto addon, focused on battles, the addon contains more than 50 anime modes, also contains several jutsus and special missions in addition to the story mode


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over 50 modes and jutsus, Contains: Susanoo, Chakra Modes, Tailed Beast Modes, Karma Variations, Barion Mode, Tenseigan, Various Sharingan and Byakugan, Also Contains Fire Jutsu and Kekei Genkai Jutsu

obito’s jinchuuriki mode used in the fourth ninja war, also contains some specific weapons and jutsus like the nunoboku sword and some rinnegan jutsus

the eye of the moon, better known as tenseigan shown in the movie ‘naruto the last’ is also present in the naqruto craft addon with unique abilities

the barion mode, shown in the anime boruto as the strongest mode of the jinchuurikis, is also present in the addon as the strongest, and fastest mode!

this addon contains 9 susanoo for defense, there are some specialized forms in attack and speed with the main q and defense

contains all stages of the jinchuurikis’ modes in the addon, including the chakra cloak form and even the blood and bone form!

choose your clan

do the story mode of the classic naruto anime, and also special missions like defeating momoshiki to get karma!

More information about the addon and how to use it in minecraft bedrock 

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5iVo_P0-7ZvMATnjCuZCEQ


this version contains new susanoos, bug fixes and new jutsus added in the addon that you can get from the addon menu


More information about the addon and how to use it in minecraft bedrock



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