Naruto Ultimate – 1.7

Naruto Ultimate – 1.7 An addon where you can select your clan (Uchiha, Hyuuga, etc.), once selected you can gradually evolve in the addon gaining more strength and power for a better gaming experience is recommended to play online, there are several ways in which you can get both Bijuus, Susanoos, Sage Ways, etc. to evolve in the addon it is necessary to eliminate NPC from the addon, which generates randomly throughout the game, when you kill these NPC, it will drop items so that your evolution in the game is possible.


Clan Selection System: 
– In the game you can select your clan with a very simple system where you can choose from the menu that will appear when you have the initial item in your hand.

After selecting your clan, you will receive the item referring to your clan as:

After that you can evolve it making it stronger in the addon! All items in the addon are buildable, which means there is no need to use creative and no commands to get the items.

Currently the addon has several forms such as:

These were some examples of available shapes, but there are many other shapes! Each shape has its own “BUFF” and its own stats!

Within the game you can find several npc’s where you can get items to evolve by killing them!

In short, it’s an addon where you can evolve and play with your friends, it’s something fun for anyone who is a fan of the anime Naruto.




 – Updated download links for easier access to the community.


Updated download links to avoid future problems.

creator: zSbrix


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