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Bedrock Natural Structure Redone V1

Natural Structure Redone V1


Natural Structures has been remade! This addon adds tiny touches to your world such as sticks and bushes which just adds to the ambiance of the world. You can find these items all over the world on the floor and make it easy to find certain items. The difference from the original is that this works in 1.19 (and hopefully above) and I’ve fleshed out each block. It will be updated for each biome!V1 – General Biome items If you would like to see any specific items (that is nature-related) please comment below! 

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General Blocks – V1

Landscape Photos


Nimberry bushes spawn in the plains and in the meadows. Each berry gives you a 3-second speed boost to help traverse the flat plains

You can also make a Nimberry Bowl which will give you 10 seconds of speed and 2 and a half a bar of hunger. Stacks to 16.

Ground Foliage

Mushrooms Red and Brown.

Red Mushrooms are most oftenly seen in Birch forests and in swamps. 

Brown Mushrooms can be most oftenly found in Dark oak forests, mangrove swamps and swamps, and along rivers. 

Leaf piles and dried leaf piles generate in their respective biomes.


Bones – They spawn rarely through the entire world and sometimes at cave entrances.

Branches – Currently only oak. You can strip branches to make them fit better.


Bush – Dried + Snowy / Jungle

Bushes drop leaves and sticks. They can also drop dried leaves if they spawn in deserts/mesas and savannahs. Bushes also can connect with each other if placed manually. There is also a jungle bush variant.

Dried Bushes also can connect. They drop dried leaves.

Rocks –  3 Variants + Snow

Rocks can spawn everywhere, no matter the biome. They can come in snowy and different varients (Once they fix ticking) 

They drop pebbles which can be used to put rocks down.

Sticks – 4 Variants (3 Spawn Naturally)


Not much different from Natural Structures besides it working in 1.19 and that now you can stack sticks up to 4. The most common stick spawn is the 1 pile stick. 

2 Stick piles

3 Stick pile (Natural Structures one)

4 Stick pile, you have to manually place.



When downloading download both the Resource Pack and the Behavior pack and turn on the below option.

When using this addon please credit this with the link and not any unauthorized copies. 


creator: https://twitter.com/toast_fallen


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