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Bedrock Nature Expansion Add On

Nature Expansion Add On

This Add on adds several new features mostly based around Nature!! We added automatic farmers, Tree chopper and mining bots, new fruits with small trees and new food items!! We are looking forward to update the pack with new crops to plant, new tree types to build with and more plants to decorate! 


The Nature Expansion Pack has the main focus of making farming and nature in minecraft more interesting and enjoyable! We tried our best to make the pack as easy and simple to use!!

This Add on adds 4 new fruits and a small plantable shrubs for each:

We also added 3 automatic bots to help you gather resources:
-Tree Chopper

MUFFINS! we added food items like:
-Kiwi Muffin
-Lemon Muffin
-Pear Muffin

(use empty bottles for making the lemonade!)

Obtaining the fruits is rather simple, similar to other crops like potatos, mobs drop them! the exact drops are:
-Zombies drop Kiwis
-Slimes drop Pears
-Skeletons drop Lemons
-Spiders drop Pomegranates

To obtain the seeds simply put the fruits into the crafting table and start planting!!
A fully grown fruit shrub gives you between 2-3 fruits.

To start the harvester, place him near a field and give him a few wheat seeds etc. to start with!

The different stations for the little robot helpers are crafted with 1 redstone block, 1 glass pane, 2 cobblestone, 2 iron blocks, 2 copper blocks and either a diamond hoe, axe or pickaxe. see the screenshots for the exact recipes!

creator: A.k.A



For mobile players extract the .zip file and take the RP to internal storage/games/com.mojang/resource_packs and take the BP to internal storage/games/com.mojang/behavior_packs.

For Desktop users, double click the mcaddon file after the download to import the pack into minecraft.


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