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Jedi, Sith, Rouges. Welcome to NeoBlocks! NeoBlocks is the predecessor of the OG Lightsaber Finale mod! This mod includes new lightsabers in 3D! You can weld strong lightsabers and battle against Mobs and Players. What will you become? Find out.


This mod includes only 2 lightsaber hilts being a basic Single and Gold Double, these come with 5 colors as of the current version,

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Yellow

How To Get These Lightsabers:

To get a basic lightsaber you must create a Lightsaber Blueprint first, these blueprints need 4 papers in a shape of a star and a glowing ink sac in the middle.

Once you have created the blueprint now you must have these materials, 2 Raw iron, 4 iron ingots, 1 redstone dust, and 1 redstone repeater. Once all materials are achieved put them in the crafting table like the recipe below which should make a basic hilt.


Once you have the hilt now you need a crystal, if you’ve played the previous mod, Lightsaber Finale, you will know how to get an empty kyber crystal, the way you can get an empty kyber crystal is to burn a diamond in a blast furnace.

As of right now there are only 5 colors that are listed above, most recipes are exactly from the Lightsaber Finale mod, Blue needs Diamonds, Red needs Redstone, Green needs Emeralds, Yellow needs Gold Ingots, and Purple needs Amethyst. The way to create colored kyber crystals is to have the empty crystal in the middle, blaze powder at the bottom, and the material for the color at the top.

Now you have a Hilt and Crystal, to put them together you must have the Hilt, the Crystal, and a Blaze Rod then put them together like the recipe below.

Gameplay is below, Thanks for downloading.



To download this mod you should use my Google Drive link. Make sure you are using a personal account and not a school one as they will block access to the file.



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