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Bedrock Nether In OverWorld Addon

Nether In OverWorld Addon

Reckon soul gaming presents you “Nether In Over World Addon”. Every 10 Seconds Over World Start Becoming into Nether.  It make the game more interesting because nether is a dangerous place and its going on the Over World. Also its change the look into nether..


As the name suggests. Overworld becomes nether. Nether is know as a dangerous place in Minecraft. It has less blocks then Overworld… So, We thought to make the overworld into nether…. Stones, dirt,  are convert into netherrack blocks. Sand into Soul sand and Red sand into Soul Soil and sometimes netherrack Trees as Crimson Stem and Nether Warts Blocks as in the Nether. Tree’s leaves take sometime to convert in nether wart or warped wart blocks… There is no Changes to Water for Now. It makes the obsidians…..  

Redstone Ore are Converted in Ancient Debris… In OverWorld their is Strong Hold. Now its look like you going on Nether Fortress..

Why go to nether when nether comes in Overworld…

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See the Video for more…. and read the disclaimer in end


You are not allowed to modifying or redistribute or use anything from this texture pack

– Do NOT upload this texture pack on other websites or any other apps.

– All rights belongs to us.

– Give credits to us if you are making a video and give link only.

— We are now going to claim all videos and websites which do not give credits to us and not giving link. 

Please send us the link if you are using this addon on YouTube video. We would really appreciate that.


Download the addon and save in your device. 

Open the addon its Automatically import the addon. 

Create a New game or use your old world (Backup your Old world First)

Now start Play….


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