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Bedrock Nether Ore +

Nether Ore +

Do you find that there are not enough minerals in the Nether? Download Nether Ore +. This complementary module adds an ore in the Nether: Fluorite. I put a lot of effort into this Add-on! I would probably add more minerals later…


Nether Ore + is a complete module adding Fluorite ore in the Nether and more, here is the presentation

So here is the Fluorite ore !

It sits below layer 25 in the Nether (/give @s n:fluorite_ore).


Fluorite Sword

It does 9 damage(/give @s n:fluorite_sword).

Fluorite Hammer

It does 12 damage and mines like a pickaxe, a shovel, an axe(/give @s n:fluorite_hammer).

Fluorite Axe

It does 8 damage and mines like  an axe(/give @s n:fluorite_axe.

Fluorite Shovel

It does 20 mining speed and mines like a shovel(/give @s n:fluorite_shovel).

Fluorite Pickaxe

It does 22 mining speed and mines like a pickaxe(/give @s n:fluorite_pickaxe).

Fluorite Hoe

She turns the earth quickly and mines like a hoe(/give @s n:fluorite_hoe).

So here is the Fluorite armor.

Helmet : This piece of armor provides 7 protection(/give @s n:fluorite_helmet).

Chestplate : This piece of armor provides 10 protection(/give @s n:fluorite_chesplate).

Leggings : This piece of armor provides 9 protection(/give @s n:fluorite_leggings).

Boots : This piece of armor provides 6 protection(/give @s n:fluorite_boots).



Texture pack by Murphy # 5965 in paint.net

Behavior pack by Murphy # 5965 in Visual Studio Code


Wait 10 seconds for the link, and then download the mediafire! After put the download files in your Minecraft!

In minecraft, accept the experimental parameters

creator: https://www.youtube.com/Murphy


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