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Bedrock Nether Traders | By lol123love

Nether Traders | By lol123love


One day I asked myself a question, Why do villagers can’t survive in the nether? and why there are no traders that we can find in the nether to trade with like we do with Overworld villagers? 

So i add the Nether Traders 
Each one of them has a specific items to trade with 
here’s some examples :


Usage : Buying Stuff From The Nether Traders

How To Get it :  Buy it From The Nether Traders | 2 Gold Ingots = 1 Netherald | 64 Netherrack = 2 Netheralds

Hell Trader

Trades : 

Spawn Biome : Hell | Nether Wastes 

Crimson Forest Trader

Trades : 

Spawn Biome :  Crimson Forest 


Soul Valley Trader

Trades : 

Spawn Biome : Soul Valley

Warped Forest Trader

Trades : 

Spawn Biome : Warped Forest 

Basalt Trader

Trades : 

Spawn Biome : The basalt deltas

creator: LoL123Love


You are not allowed :
-to share the mediafire link
You are allowed :
-to play the Add-on with your friend and enjoy 
-share the Add-on from the link 
Hope you enjoy


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