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Bedrock New Equipment

New Equipment

this addon adds new armor and tools as well as blocks and ores to get the different materials in different dimensions, with some special abilities with these tools (this addon is made for version 1.17)


The armor and tools of this addon can be obtained by mining the new minerals or by trading with a new villager.
these 3 new minerals are obtained in their respective dimensions

  • Enderite

this ore is obtained at the end and when mining it, it is obtained in the form of a nugget

  • luminous obsidian

This mineral is obtained in the nether and by mining and cooking it, its debris is obtained.

  • antique glass

this mineral is obtained in the overworld in the oceans and seas

Armor and swords

These armor and swords vary in durability and protection depending on their rarity to find them, also armor such as the diver’s have special abilities     

                                                     Prismarina / Enderite

                                                                         Diver /  antique glass

                                                      luminous obsidian  / slime                         



End rod

this wand can drop infinite ender pearls which can teleport you

blocks and items

a demonstration of the nuggets, ingots and blocks of minerals

enderite apple

it is an apple equal to or better than the notch apple but it has an expensive crafting, however you can get it at a very good price with the dimensional salesman

dimensional salesman

this mob sells you things from other dimensions at great prices but they are hard to find

All the crafts are shown in the game, that’s all if you liked the addon you can see my other creations on my profile           

creator: vico124




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