New Goat Horns and More Disc Fragments Addon


This add-on adds only a couple new features to your Minecraft world, but they will hopefully spice up your gameplay and give you more reasons to go out and explore the world! During the development of the Wild Update, there were quiet a few scrapped features that were removed (fireflies being the most infamous…), but another one of them being a goat horn variant that could play different sounds. Well, this add-on brings them back, alongside some new variants with unique powers and a new mechanic for music disc obtaining!

The Copper Horn is crafted just like how its original variant was: a goat horn and 3 copper ingots in a “v” shape. Like how it was in the old betas before it was removed, each goat horn type yields a different copper horn to play a unique sound! See them below:

*Ponder Goat Horn = Fearless River Gift Copper Horn 

*Sing Goat Horn = Fresh Nest Thought Copper Horn 

*Seek Goat Horn = Great Sky Falling Copper Horn 

*Feel Goat Horn = Mumble Fire Memory Copper Horn 

*Admire Goat Horn = Old Hymn Resting Copper Horn 

*Call Goat Horn = Pure Water Desire Copper Horn 


*Yearn Goat Horn = Secret Lake Tear Copper Horn 

*Dream Goat Horn = Sweet Moon Love Copper Horn 

Similar to the Goat Horn, the Copper Horn doesn’t have any real gameplay function, just being a fun novelty item, but it does have a bonus use of being able to have it’s sounds be detected by Sculk Sensors and Wardens. Try to collect all of them if you can! NOTE: Unlike the old Copper Horn, this one won’t play a different sound if you crouch or look up, I don’t know how to add that sorry.

A new feature for Allays added in this add-on is that they now sometimes produce a new item called the Spectral Orb! However this is like the chicken where they occasionally create an item on the floor, they won’t drop anything on death.

With Spectral Orbs and Amethyst Shards, you can transform a Goat Horn into a new Glitter Horn item! 

The Glitter Horn, when blown, not only makes a lovely noise, but gives a positive effect to all nearby players for 10 seconds, such as strength or haste. Each variant crafted from each different Goat Horn gives a different effect, collect them all in-game to be able to use their different powers! However, there are some downsides to this item, it has a cooldown and also durability which means it breaks after about 17 uses, you can repair it with amethyst shards but it is rather expensive, you’d be better off creating a new one. 

*Ponder Goat Horn = Blessing Glitter Horn 

*Sing Goat Horn = Daze Glitter Horn 

*Seek Goat Horn = Distant Glitter Horn 

*Feel Goat Horn = Eternal Glitter Horn 

*Admire Goat Horn = Fable Glitter Horn 

*Call Goat Horn = Moonlight Glitter Horn 

*Yearn Goat Horn = Shimmer Glitter Horn 

*Dream Goat Horn = Spark Glitter Horn

Another new type of Goat Horn can be created with a diamond and some Echo Shards found in Ancient Cities, it is the Echo Horn!

This horn has a powerful unique ability, upon blowing it, any nearby sculk sensors will be bursted (essentially destroyed), and nearby wardens will be stunned for 5 seconds, preventing them from being able to move! 

However, similar to the Glitter Horn, there is a long cooldown between each use, and it will break after 12 or so uses, it can be repaired using echo shards or diamonds but is rather expensive. 

*Ponder Goat Horn = Cry Echo Horn 

*Sing Goat Horn = Darkness Echo Horn 

*Seek Goat Horn = Delusion Echo Horn 

*Feel Goat Horn = Epiphany Echo Horn 

*Admire Goat Horn = Grief Echo Horn 

*Call Goat Horn = Soul Echo Horn 

*Yearn Goat Horn = Void Echo Horn 

*Dream Goat Horn = Whine Echo Horn

Music Discs have also been revamped in this add-on, at least through how you obtain them. No longer will any discs drop when a skeleton shoots a creeper, instead you must now find fragments for discs hidden in chests around the world and create a disc using a specific item alongside them! Can you collect all the discs through this way?


Disc 11 Fragments found in: Abandoned Mineshaft, Desert Temple, Stronghold, Woodland Mansion and Ancient City Chests 

Item Needed: String 

Disc 13 Fragments found in: Abandoned Mineshaft, Jungle Temple, Dungeon, Woodland Mansion and Ancient City Chests

 Item Needed: Glowstone Dust 

Cat Fragments found in: Igloo, Jungle Temple, Dungeon and Stronghold Library Chests 

 Item Needed: Gunpowder 

Chirp Fragments found in: Desert Temple and Dungeon Chests

Item Needed: Redstone Dust 

Wait Fragments found in: Underwater Ruin, Buried Treasure and Shipwreck Chests 

Item Needed: Heart of the Sea 

Pigstep Fragments found in: Bastion Remnant Chests 

Item Needed: Gold Ingot 

Otherside Fragments found in: Dungeon, Buried Treasure, Woodland Mansion and Stronghold Chests

Item Needed: Emerald 


Disc 5 Fragments found in: Ancient City Chests

Item Needed: Echo Shard 

Stal Fragments found in: Stronghold Chests 

Item Needed: Coal 

Strad Fragments found in: Abandoned Mineshaft, Jungle Temple and Stronghold Chests 

Item Needed: Bone 

Far Fragments found in: Igloo, Pillager Outpost and Woodland Mansion Chests 

Item Needed: Glow Ink Sac 

Ward Fragments found in: Jungle Temple and Stronghold Library Chests

Item Needed: Copper Ingot 

Blocks Fragments found in: Pillager Outpost, Desert Temple and Stronghold Library Chests 

Item Needed: Lapis Lazuli 

Mellohi Fragments found in: Abandoned Mineshaft, Buried Treasure and Jungle Temple Chests 

Item Needed: Amethyst Shard 

Mall Fragments found in: Igloo, Dungeon and Woodland Mansion Chests 

Item Needed: Phantom Membrane 



Other Changes in this add-on:

 *Ancient City loot has been rebalanced to make it more worthy going to one 

*In mineshaft chests, you find raw ores instead of ingots and can find raw copper 

*Shipwreck chests can contain raw copper and spyglasses 

*Goat Horn and Sculk Shrieker sounds are louder and heard from further away 

*Screamer goats are more common to make obtaining some goat/copper horns less annoying 

*Mobs should not be able to spawn in the deep dark 

*Only if resource pack is applied to global resources: Added custom splash text and a new menu loading tip, and changed loading tip involving music discs 


*Added Echo and Glitter horns 

*Added Spectral Orb 

*Some Copper Horn variants and copper ingots can be found in Pillager Outpost chests 

*Copper horn sounds are now more clear underwater 

*Mobs really shouldn’t be able to spawn in the deep dark anymore 

*Copper Horn sound will now be affected by the jukebox/note blocks sound category in audio settings 

*Removed some outdated stuff from this page and the add-on files

creator: TheBestGamerEver1234 

By aadhu

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