New Ingots Add-on

Have you ever thought about the idea of ​​having redstone, diamond and coal ingots in the game? This addon will show you that it is possible. There are 3 new ingots that will help you a lot in the game.


Three new ingots have been added to the game to add to your gameplay and game mining. You can find it by mining 3 dense ores from the ones that already exist in the game, from which you will boil with coal in the furnace. after that, you will go to craft and 1 diamond ingot will give you 2 normal diamonds, 1 coal and redstone ingot will give you 3 ores of these two respective items.

It’s still an experimental addon. Probably if you like it, I’ll change all the crafts and all the features.

It’s just a simple addon to add to your mining experience.





ATTENTION!  The screenshots below are more likely to be found, just to show you how addons look on the lower layers.  but you can find them from layer 40 down.




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Turn on:

– Holyday Creator Features;

-Creation of Custom Biomes 

– Additional Moddings Capabilities.

creator: LanDay


By aadhu

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