New Vanilla Enchantments

(still in beta) This add-on adds 6 new enchantments to the game that can improve your gameplay experience. Kagutsuchi’s Blood, Campus Stellae, Dolphin Dive, Sweeping Edge, Electric Shock, Scorching Heat (more will be added in the future)


New Enchantments:

  • Kagutsuchi’s Blood: Creates a path of basalt when you walk on lava (only in the nether). – only for boots
  • Campus Stellae: Lights up the player. – only for helmets
  • Dolphin Dive: More respiration time and speed when swimming. – only for leggings
  • Sweeping Edge: You can hit multiple targets with the sword. – only for swords
  • Electric Shock: When lightning strikes the player, the player receives advantages for a few seconds. – only for chestplates
  • Scorching Heat: When you mine iron, gold, copper, ancient debris, clay and sand, the block will be automatically melted. – only for pickaxes and shovels


I recommend you to watch the video to find out exactly what each enchantment does:



– First of all, you have to find the enchanted books. Find these books in structures that will generate in your world:

Mysterious Cementery:

Hidden under the huge trees of the roofed forest, and among the abundant vegetation of the jungle, you can find mysterious cemeteries solemnly resting under the blue sky. If you look carefuly, you’ll be able to find huge treasures…

Mysterious cementeries guide:

  • Find a cementery.
  • Find and activate the lever in the surface.
  • You’ll find a hole in front of the central tree. Go down.
  • Break the Pandora’s Cage and go up the ladders (survival).
  • Break the emerald block that will appear in the surface (survival).
  • Fight the decapitated ancient skeletons and gather the enchanted books.


Pandora’s Cage:

It must not be broken or it will unleash a great evil…


Decapitated Ancient Skeletons:

Ancient warriors who died in the worst imaginable ways.
Their souls have been trapped under the cold tombstones of mysterious cemeteries for centuries. Legends say that if you find a way to free them, they will reward you with ancient power. They spawn in gruops of 6 in this structures.


Alquimia Table:

Once you have an enchanted book, you need to craft an alquimia table to enchant your equipment. You’ll need:

  • 3 obsidian blocks
  • 2 diamonds
  • 1 book
  • 1 bone
  • 1 ender eye
  • 1 potion of strength I


Combine the piece of equipment or tool with the corresponding book to enchant it, but if they are previously enchanted, they will lose those enchantments.
Once this process is done, you can add more enchantments to your tools or equipment with anvils or the enchanting table.



Aditional Information:

Thank you for downloading this addon, I appreciate it c:

If you have any suggestions or you found a bug, let me know it in my Discord Server:

Link to my Discord Server

– You’re not allowed to redistribute this addon, creating your own links or share the direct link. Please respect what I do. If you make a review of this addon, share the link to this page. Thank you.


Known Bugs:

– Netherite equipment isn’t immune to lava or fire.

– Efficiency and haste doesn’t work with those tools.

– Structures sometimes spawn with missing parts. (Only Mojang can fix this)

– Addon causes game to sometimes crash with high chunk render distance. (Only Mojang can fix this)



Compatible with Caves and Cliffs.

Activate these options:




By aadhu

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