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bedrock Nico’s Item Expansion (v1.0)

Nico’s Item Expansion (v1.0)

This mod will add more food, drinks, weapon, armor, and other miscellaneous item that may be useful for your survival game. Plus, new table, pot and recipes for un-craftable item.


Nico’s Item Expansion


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Nico’s Item Expansion is a mod that focused on adding more useful, convenient, and suitable item that may be useful for your survival game, by adding more food, weapon, armor, and recipes for un-craftable items. This mod also add a new crafting table, evaporator, and pots.



  • Artifacture Table: This table are specialize to craft some rare and powerful item.
Artifacture Table details: 
Activating the Artifacture Table: 
  • Artifacture Table is ‘inactive’ when you make it and place it. It can only activate using an Amethyst Shard, then you can now use it to craft. But after 300-500 seconds it will turn into ‘inactive’ again.
  • Breaking an ‘active’ artifacture table will turn it into ‘inactive’ again, so choose your place wisely before activating it.


  • Evaporator: This machinery can turn a liquid into other substances in a few minutes, and also can dry out the rotten flesh and turn into leather scrap.
Evaporator details:
Evaporator interaction:
  • There’s two types of evaporator, copper and iron. Iron Evaporator can evaporate faster than the copper.
  • The evaporator with water or milk takes 150-200 second to evaporate. While the lava takes 300-400 second. And the rotten flesh can fill up to 3 levels, and takes 100-200 second to evaporate.
  • Ice & Snow will be added in next update.


  • Spore Pot: This flower pot can change into different types spore blossom and emit different types of particles.
Spore Pot details:
Spore Pot particles at night:
  •  Spore Pot is ‘inactive’ when you make it and place it. It can activate or change it by sprinkling any type of dust or powder item, including Sugar and Redstone, but except snow powder.
  • An ‘active’ Spore Pot had 10% chance to spawn a powder or dust they emit while they are emitting particles.
  • Also, an ‘active’ Spore Pot had a 5% chance to turn into ‘inactive’ by their own while they emitting particles.
  • But the Enchanted Spore Pot had a 25% chance to spawn an XP Orb instead of enchanted dust. And a 3% chance to turn into ‘inactive’ by their own while they are emitting particles.
  • You can inactivate an ‘active’ Spore Pot manually using a salt.
Inactivating the Spore Pot:





  • Charcoal Powder:
Charcoal Powder details:


  • Amethyst Powder:
Amethyst Powder details:


  • Diamond Powder:
Diamond Powder details:


  • Netherite Powder:
Netherite Powder details:


  • Iron Powder:
Iron Powder:


  • Gold Powder:
Gold Powder:


  • Emerald Powder:
Emerald Powder:


  • Lapis Lazuli Powder:
Lapis Lazuli Powder:


  • Cocoa Powder:
Cocoa Powder:


  • Enchanted Dust:
Enchanted Dust:
  • Enchanted Emerald:
Enchanted Emerald:
  • Calcite Chunk:
Calcite Chunk:
  • Leather Scrap:
Leather Scrap:


  • Copper Scrap:
Copper Scrap:


  • Elytra Scrap:
Elytra Scrap:
  • Prismarine Rod:
Prismarine Rod:
  • Chain Links:
Chain Links:
  • Salt:
  • Pearl:
  • Blazing Pearl:
Blazing Pearl:



Foods & Drinks

  • Iron Apple:
Iron Apple:
  • Blazing Apple:
Blazing Apple:
  • Amethyst Apple:
Amethyst Apple:
  • Lapis Lazuli Apple:
Lapis Lazuli Apple:
  • Emerald Apple:
Emerald Apple:
  • Diamond Apple:
Diamond Apple:
  • Netherite Apple:
Netherite Apple:
  • Pumpkin Slice:
Pumpkin Slice details:
  • Soup:
Soup details:
  • Carrot Soup:
Carrot Soup details:
  • Potato Soup:
Potato Soup details:
  • Pea Stew:
Pea Stew details:
  • Pumpkin Stew:
Pumpkin Stew details:
  • Cactus Stew:
Cactus Stew details:
  • Crimson Stew:
Crimson Stew details:
  • Warped Stew:
Warped Stew details:
  • Chorus Stew:
Chorus Stew details:
  • Cheese:
Cheese details:
  • Cheese Bread:
Cheese Bread details:
  • Egg Sandwich:
Egg Sandwich details:
  • Chocolate Bar:
Chocolate Bar details:
  • Sweet Berry Cookie:
Sweet Berry Cookie details:
  • Glow Berry Cookie:
Glow Berry Cookie details:
  • Sweet Berry Pie:
Sweet Berry Pie details:
  • Glow Berry Pie:
Glow Berry Pie details:
  • Apple Pie:
Apple Pie details:
  • Fried Egg:
Fried Egg details:
  • Roasted Melon Seeds:
Roasted Melon Seeds details:
  • Roasted Pumpkin Seeds:
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds details:
  • Empty Bamboo Tumbler:
Empty Bamboo Tumbler details:
  • Water Bamboo Tumbler:
Water Bamboo Tumbler details:
  • Bamboo Tumbler with Milk:
Bamboo Tumbler with Milk details:
  • Bamboo Tumbler with Chocolate Drink:
Bamboo Tumbler with Chocolate Drink details:
  • Bamboo Tumbler with Sweet Berry Juice:
Bamboo Tumbler with Sweet Berry Juice details:


  • Bamboo Tumbler with Glow Berry Juice:
Bamboo Tumbler with Glow Berry Juice details:


Creative Category 



Tools & Armors

Copper Helmet:

Copper Helmet details:

Copper Chestplate:

Copper Chestplate details:

Copper Leggings:

Copper Leggings details:

Copper Boots:

Copper Boots details:

Copper Sword:

Copper Sword details:

Copper Axe:

Copper Axe details:

Copper Pickaxe:

Copper Pickaxe details:

Copper Shovel:

Copper Shovel details:

Copper Hoe:

Copper Hoe details:

Wooden Club:

Wooden Club details:

Dripstone Club:

Dripstone Club details:

Blazing Staff:

Blazing Staff details:

Ocean Staff:

Ocean Staff details:

More item will be added in future updates!


Additional Recipes

More recipes from Artifacture Table 
More recipes from Crafting Table





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creator: twitter.com/dangel_art/


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