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Bedrock Nico’s More Mineshaft

Bedrock Nico’s More Mineshaft is the latest creation from Bedrock Nico, the family owned and operated mining company located in the heart of South Dakota. This mine is a significant expansion to their mining operations, as they continue to expand their business and grow their patient fan base. With this expansion, they are able to offer more of their sought-after minerals to their customers, while also providing access to more unique minerals that will help to drive their exploration efforts for the coming years.

At the heart of Bedrock Nico’s More Mineshaft lies their seismic technology. This technology is designed to identify the location and shape of their deposits, allowing them to easily target specific areas for their mining operations. This technology has allowed them to identify and access some of the hardest to find minerals that are found deep within the Earth’s crust. Furthermore, this technology has also helped them to produce more effective extraction methods for certain minerals, ensuring that their customers receive the highest quality product.

Bedrock Nico’s More Mineshaft is also equipped with advanced safety measures, such as automated ventilation and monitoring systems. This ensures that the mine is running at peak safety standards, making it a safe environment for those that work there. Furthermore, this high level of safety allows the company to produce a more reliable product, while their customers can rest assured that their minerals are being extracted in a safe and efficient manner.

The team at Bedrock Nico’s More Mineshaft is committed to providing the highest quality minerals to their customers. They understand that their customers rely on them for reliable and consistent minerals, and they strive to ensure that they are able to fulfill that request. As they continue to expand their operations, they will be able to offer more of the rare minerals that are a top priority for their customers, as well as continuing their efforts to produce a reliable and safe product for their miners and the customers that depend on them.

Nico’s More Mineshaft


Nico’s More Mineshaft is an add-on will bring more new Mineshaft structures that generate naturally in your world. Every Mineshaft had difference varieties, length, and loots. There are three types of Mineshaft; Oak Wood Mineshaft, Spruce Wood Mineshaft, & Ancient Mineshaft.





Oak Wood Mineshaft

  • Oak Wood Mineshaft currently will generates under the Plains, Forest, Birch Forest, Dark Oak Forest, Flower Forest, Swamp, Mangrove Swamp, Jungle, Savanna, Desert, Badlands, Mushroom Island.



Spruce Wood Mineshaft

  • Spruce Wood Mineshaft currently will generates under the Snowy Tundra, Mountains, Meadow, Grove, & Taiga’s biome.



Ancient Mineshaft

  • Ancient Mineshaft currently will generate in all of the underground level.






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  • This add-on may only compatible with Minecraft version 1.19.20 or higher.
  • This add-on is COMPATIBLE with other add-ons.
  • If you make a review, gameplay, or showcase about this add-on, please don’t forget to give a credit or put the original link 
  • Do not provide the direct link (mediafire) or any other download link that I didn’t provided.



Version: 1.0



  • Added Oak Wood Mineshaft
  • Added Spruce Wood Mineshaft
  • Added Ancient Mineshaft


Download Guide:

1. Click the download option below “Nico’s More Mineshaft (v1.0) [BP]”.

2. Just click the “Click here to continue” below. This will go you through Linkvertise site.

3. Verify  that you are not a robot by checking the mark box “I’m not a robot”.

4. Find & click the “Free Access with Ads”.

5. Click the “Discover interesting articles”, ads will pop-up. Wait for 10 seconds and then click the “X” button above.

6. After that, click the “Continue” button, this will processed you to Mediafire Site.

7. In Mediafire, click the download button to download the file.



Don’t forget to turn on all of this experimental gameplay options:

Download both “Behavior Pack [BP]” and “Resources Pack [RP]“.


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