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Bedrock Night Vision

The iconic fashion outlet Bedrock has added a brand-new feature to its lineup: night vision. The technology is a great addition to their range of apparel and accessories, bringing convenience and nighttime assurance to their customers.

Night vision has become increasingly popular in the past few years, with a range of gadgets, clothing, and even glasses now readily available. It’s become a popular feature for many of its users, and Bedrock have gone a step further and incorporated the feature into their attire. With the addition of their Night Vision collection, you can rest easy knowing you have the security needed for lowlight environments.

Bedrock Night Vision offers users quality illumination through fabric specially designed with modern-day light transmission technology. This fabric is lightweight and comfortable, allowing wearers to comfortably mix and match their usual fashion pick in the night time. With this fabric, wearers can enjoy a wide field of vision in the evening without compromising comfort.

The high-performance illumination provides optimal safety and security against the elements, with a range of lightweight additions that add to their look. Whether you’re running, cycling, hunting or even just taking a walk at night, Bedrock’s Night Vision affair is up to the task.

The latest Night Vision products include hooded sweatshirts, pants, jackets, backpacks, and even phone cases and wallets. You can even get a customized solution tailored to your needs — whether you’re wanting to stand out or just enhance your usual evening look.

So if you’re looking for safety and security in the dark, look no further than Bedrock’s latest Night Vision rage. With their modern day fabric and range of accessories, Bedrock is the perfect choice to keep you safe, secure and fashionable in any lowlight environment.

Night Vision


This add-on essentially gives you the night vision effect over and over again, resulting in infinite night vision for you and everyone in a realm! Achievements will be disabled when enabling this add-on.


This Night Vision Pack (gamma) is an add-on that gives you the night vision potion effect over and over again! It also could be referred to as full bright, gamma, brightness.

Why would I use this night vision add-on instead of writing a command myself? you may ask – This add-on gives you the night vision effect as soon as you respawn and it’ll also give the night vision effect to everybody in a realm!

Does it require cheats to be enabled? – No, the night vision effect is given by the add-on, meaning you don’t need to have cheats enabled.

Will I still receive achievements when I enable the night vision pack? Unfortunately no, however you’re free to suggest how we could make it better.

Before and after night vision

The brightness is very good.



Other dimensions are places where you’ll barely see any difference in brightness.


Bring the brightness slider up to 100% for optimal brightness.

You must apply the night vision pack in the world settings.

You may only leave the link of this night vision pack in your videos if you’re a content creator.

You are forbidden to publish the night vision source anywhere else.

creator: Meska


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