No Fall Damage Challenge

Have you ever needed a challenge in Minecraft?  If yes, you will like this new challenge. Your task is it to defeat the Ender dragon, while taking no fall damage, at first this sounds very easy, but it isn’t! Download this add-on and try it out your self!  


This add-on also brings:

A world-timer to see how much time you spend on your world. (the timer will be over your hotbar)

If you fail the challenge you will be noticed who of your clumsy friends failed. Besides that it shows the “wasted” time in chat. 

It would also be useful to have a decent knowledge of water bucket mlgs.  

How to setup? 

It is not really hard if you follow these steps: 

  1. Download the file and import it into Minecraft
  2. Once you imported it, you have to create a new world with these following settings:

 3. Make sure to give yourself the operator rank to be able to start the challenge: 

  4. Activating the add-on: Look on the left bottom on your screen and click on BEHAVIOR PACKS 

 5. Search for the No Fall damage pack and click it: 

6. Now click on ACTIVATE 

7. And click on CONTINUE 

8. Start the world and use /function start to start if you need help use /function help (/function help will be there in the next version!)

List of commands: 

/function afk  Turns the afk-mode on, gives you invisibility and sets you in creative!

/function afkgone  Turns the afk-mode off , resets you in survival and clears your effect! 

/function break  Pauses the timer and 

/function resume  Resumes the challenge and timer after you did /function break 

/function start  starts the challenge 

Soon: /function help and /function info 

VER[1.0] by MiauMiez 

Changelog: updated 02.09.2022 


Credit to: This timer uses  code of MCPE_Map_Maker , Website


Hotbar timer:  

creator: MiauMiez



-Changed some addon and page stuff with the license  


Please contact me if you find bugs! 

Download on mobile 

If you are having issues downloading, contact me! 

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