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Bedrock No Gravity Armor Stands

No Gravity Armor Stands


Are you making a map or server that requires you to stop the pesky armor stands from dropping?  Well, this behavior pack will completely remove all the gravity from the armor stand, causing it to not drop.

How this behavior pack work?

I modified the .json file the armor stand has, making it to not drop down at all.  It’s that simple.

How can I import this into my own addon?

Just drop and drop the entities folder (or the armor_stand.json) into your folder.

How do I make the armor stand float?

Easy!  Just place down a armor stand in the air, or with /summon.


You can:

Add this addon to your addon with credit.

Use this in a video, as long as this page is directly linked in the description.

You can’t:


Claim this pack is for yourself.

Repost this pack to any other website/discord.

creator: Fiery Aces


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