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Bedrock No'Mo Useless!

No’Mo Useless!

DISCLAIMER: This addon is just a small one adding a few features so Don’t Expect too much! You know these useless Minecraft Features? Beetroot or Bats or The Dragon Egg?!?! Well.. NOT ON MY WATCH! This addon Makes Features more Useful!



Silverfish now drops Raw Iron

And btw Raw.. Raw Blocks in a Furnace now turns them into Blocks

The Bat Drops Netherwarts now!
Also Zombies,husks and Drowns avoid Bats

Granit,andesite and Diorite (Including the polished versions)

Can be made into Stone Tools

And Beetroot Soup is now more cheap



Cooked Carrots are as good as Cooked Salmon and can be made with a Furnace,smoker,campfire/soul Campfire

Golden Beetroot gives Jump Boost, Regeneration and Absorption

The Golden Potato gives a lot of saturation

Enchanted Gold Ingots are dropped from Piglin Brutes and can be made into Totems or God Apples

Golden Sticks can be made from Gold and used to make a new Tool Set

Dragon Egg shards can be made into a new Tool set


Its really Strong and Fast and has over 3000 Durability


Like I said Its a really small addon and just adds tweaks into the Game!

Hope you enjoy it :))))))


Turn on all Experimental Gameplay Features

Install it moment 

creator: https://www.youtube.com/laiffoo



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