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Bedrock Non-Experimental Turrets Add-On

Non-Experimental Turrets Add-On


Who doesn’t hate having monsters on their base…? No one, that’s why I decided to create the brand new and awesome Non-Experimental Turrets Add-On, no more annoying zombies and skeletons… and perhaps creepers.

This Add-On currently adds 4 brand new turrets!

Information down below:


Basic Turret:

Attack Range: 15

Health: 100

Basic turrets shoot arrows at their enemies.

Where to find them?


Basic Turrets can be found inside chests inside Pillager Outposts and Abandonded Mineshafts.

Incendiary Turret:


Attack Range: 15

Health: 200

  • Incendiary Turrets will shoot twelve small fire charges at their enemies.
  • Be careful on where you place them, your entire world may caught on fire.
  • These turrets have a small cage in where you can protect yourselves from arrows and Ravagers… weird combination. Note: Even though the cage looks strong, it can’t protect you from all melee attacks.

Where to find them?


Incendiary Turrets can be found inside chests on Fortresses and Bastions.

Sculk Turret:

Attack Range: 40

Health: 300

  • Sculk Turrets use a super charged sonic attack on their enemies.
  • They don’t need to see their enemies in order to attack them, even if they are underground.

Where to find them?

Sculk Turrets can be found inside chests on Ancient Cities.

Gravity Turret:

Effect Range: 50

Health: 1000

  • Gravity Turrets will apply the levitation effect on their enemies, just to later drop them from the heavens to the ground.

Where to find them?

Gravity Turrets can be found inside End Cities.

Turret Items:

  • Notes: Every Turret when destroyed will drop itself.
  • Turrets have no idea of the concept of family, so please place them where the are unable to shoot each other, they might start a fight.
  • I recommend placing them with dispensers, that way they will be perfectly aligned, and it kind of looks cool.


No experimental gameplay needed.

creator: Ceiszu162 


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