Not Enough Structures Add-On

This Add-On adds a few Structures into the game, but as I update the pack, it will have more structures even cooler than the last, but for now there are 6 structures. Please note that if you have any questions or bugs to report go to discord and go to bug-report, or add-questions. If you don’t have discord then just add a comment at the bottom of this page. Have Fun!


Here are the structures as of Version 1.0.0, some structures will have changes in values and possibly blocks. 

This a a dungeon located underground, you can find good loot in the chests along with the ability to make your own mob farm with the Mob Spawners!

This is the Oak Pillager Base, It can spawn in the following biomes: Forest, Flower Forest, Extreme Hills, Plains, Beach.

This is small house that can only be found exclusive to the Taiga. It had a few blocks that can be useful through gameplay.

This is a Bone Structure of some old creature that used to live, there will be multiple variants of theese bones in the future, theese bones can spawn in theese biomes: Dessert, Beach, Ice Plains, Swamp.

This is a little starter base that if you complete, can be used as a good starter base for players who want to survive the night. The Biomes this structure can spawn in are the: Flower Forest, Forest.

This is a simple log structure that can help you get wood, kind of like foliage. This Log Stack up as I call it. It can spawn in the following biomes: Forest, Flower Forest.

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Ill quickly add an an image icon next update, sorry about that.

Here are the credits to the Structure Spawner I used or Frg V2


You only need to download the Behavior Pack. Just giving a warning to you guys so you don’t think you forgot to download something. 

Please go to the comments at the bottom of this page if any of the provided links don’t work. I would recommend saying what device your on and to give a somewhat detailed explanation of what happened when you tried to use the link

IMPORTANT** – Read Below

Do not repost this, or any other website unless your giving credits to me + Do not steal any textures from my add-on, unless for personal use. 

You can make a video about the addon if you give credits to me in the description of the video + you cannot send a direct link to the download in your video, you must put this website link in the description of your video


Also, if you want me to be in your video, contact me on discord. GoldenRuler#4389, but I recommend joining the discord server and giving me an @ as I would see it a lot faster


By aadhu

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