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Bedrock Not Enough Teleporters

Not Enough Teleporters [Complete & 0 Bugs!]

Not Enough Teleporters adds in custom blocks and items into your Minecraft game! This add-on does not require the Custom Geo Fix as it doesn’t break the parameters set by Minecraft. (This addon should work 1.18 and above but if there’s any issues please report them in my discord server or dm me at Golden Ruler#4389)

To start I’ll show you the basics of what you’ll need to get the full functionality out of the Telepad’s

By smelting Iron in a furnace you get a Steel Ingot, with 2 steel ingots you can craft 2 Steel Sticks

With the Steel Sticks you can craft a wand of sorts that allows you to deactivate the Telepad’s so you can change the color

The green crystal you see in the top right of the recipe is called the Trithorium Crystal which can be acquired by placing 4 Trithorium Crystal Shards in a crafting table

The ore above is called Trithorium Ore (Can only be mined by the Steel Drill), which is how you get the Trithorium Crystal Shards

In order to mine these Telepad’s you will need to make a Steel Drill. You will need to start off by making the Steel Drill Motor

Once you have this you need to make the Steel Drill Bit

Once you have the Steel Drill Bit and the Steel Drill Motor you can craft the Steel Drill

The Steel Drill should act like a normal pickaxe, meaning it should be able to break the things they can (If you find anything that a pickaxe can break that my drill can’t please let me know so I can fix it)

This drill is also the only thing capable of mining the Telepad’s and the Trithorium Ore

Now that the basics are out of the way, I can show you how you can craft the Deactivated Telepad’s

This is the Deactivated Teleportation Pad, this pad when activated is the one that teleports you to the landing pad

The red crystal you see in the middle of the recipe is called the Unfortold Crystal

The Deactivated Landing Pad is the block you will land on from an Active Teleportation Pad (Recipe Below)

Now that you have both Pads you will need to get 2 dye of your choice

Once you have the 2 dye of your choice, Interact with the Pads and you will see they will change to that color (The only way to take them off is through the Telepad Deactivator)

As you can see the Teleporters are now colored meaning they are active

What you Can and Can’t do with the Telepads’s

The Telepad’s connect to specific colors, meaning red to red, green to green, etc

There are 16 colors in total, meaning 32 blocks (16 Teleportation, 16 Landing)

You can Teleport dropped loot along with entities through the teleporters (Good for mob farms)

The Teleportation Pads can teleport you to a Landing Pad of the same color within a 100-block radius

I set the Teleportation Radius to 100 due to the failsafe: you cannot set 2 of the same-colored landing pads within a 100-block radius of the Teleportation Pad or else it will not teleport you

I did that so that you can place multiple Teleportation Pads throughout your world of the same color, meaning you can have over 1 set of pads in your world

You can have multiple Teleportation Pads of the same color go to 1 same-colored Landing Pad (1+ Teleportation Pads, 1 Landing Pad only in the radius of course)

You can have multiple color sets within that 100-block radius meaning you have all the things above occur for the colors, but the colors aren’t the same meaning you can have multiple different colored Teleportation and Landing Pads in that area

If you don’t want to read these you can always attempt to figure it out yourself in game which proved useful for players who beta tested this!

Known Bugs:

There should be 0 bugs as of now, if anyone does find anything please let me know, thanks! Discord right below 

 ( https://discord.gg/FAkVVDrmSs )


  • Fixed Teleporters making a sound if stepped on without any Landing Pads of choice in the world or if there is 2+ in the 100-block radius (Basically sound now plays but only if there’s 1 of the Landing Pad of your choice in the 100-block radius)
  • Fixed command issue popping up because of /’s in the code
  • Added ability to teleport dropped loot and entities through the Teleporters

All bugs should now be fixed meaning 0 bugs in the Add-On. If anything somehow comes up let me know as it would be pretty cool


For PC: Just type com.mojang in search bar in “This PC” and place Behavior Pack in the Behavior Folder and Resource Pack in the Resource folder (Or do it the lazy way and download the MCPack’s)

For Xbox: Currently Unavailable as Microsoft disabled Internet Downloads

For PlayStation: Currently Unavailable (Not Possible to Download)

For Mobile: Go into com.mojang Folder and place Behavior Pack in the Behavior Folder and Resource Pack in the Resource folder (Or do it the lazy way and download the MCPack’s)

If anything is wrong with the downloads, please inform me immediately

Credits: Special thanks to BladedAxe77 for help with small coding and commands along with the featured image. I’d also like to thank Sprunkles and Estrongel from the Bedrock Add-Ons discord server for helping me fix the sound issue! As well as a thanks to SlayerchubzYT for help with the in-game featured image

IMPORTANT (No it doesn’t use player.json)


Steal Textures, Redistribute or Upload as your own, Say you made it, Post this on ANY other website, Give a direct link to the download (Only give the link posted HERE on this page)


Learn from my add-ons code (No Need for credit here)

Make a YouTube Video about this if you post a link going to this page 

Go to my discord server and report bugs 🙂 ( https://discord.gg/FAkVVDrmSs )

creator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt2laBv5ik2jhMh2lKX-QIA


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