Not Enough (Useless) Features (v0.5)

Not Enough (Useless) Features is an addon that was made with the purpose of adding more features to minecraft vanilla to improve stuff like decoration and utility for people, allowing for better-looking builds


Not Enough Features is an addon that adds more basic stuff to minecraft


this addon adds new blocks with different functions like:



cardboard can be crafted using 4 cardboard sheets, which are crafted using 1 slime and 3 paper


This block can be used in general for decorations, it has an 100% chance of catching fire and a 1% chance of burning completely, it can be used to build houses that look like they’re made out of (wet) wood with a small chance of them burning down


Gunpowder Block


this block is made out of gunpowder, it has an 100% probability of catching fire and burning, making it good for one time redstone machines






Hot Iron Block



this block can be obtained by heating up an iron block on a furnace, this block can damage playes that step on to of this block (because its warm) dealing 1/2 a heart of damage, it will take 1-8 minutes for it to return to an iron block


Overheated Iron Block


this block can be obtained by heating up a hot iron block on a furnace, this block, like the past one, deals damage when you step on top, dealing 2 1/2 hearts of damage, this block can take from 2-8 minutes to cool down onto a warm iron block




Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are simble decoration blocks, they come in different sizes


you can craft a normal sized box by using 2 slime, 2 paper and 4 cardboard sheets

you can get smaller boxes by using a stonecutter


Redstone Clocks

yep, redstone clock blocks

redstone clock blocks can be used as a compressed clock that outputs a signal to all connected repeaters every # of ticks that they indicate


to craft them you can use 4 redstone and 2 repeaters

to craft more delayed clocks you can use smaller clocks that add up to that amount or you can use bigger clocks to get back smaller clocks




Pavement Blocks

Pavement blocks are decoration blocks that can be crafted using Asphalt Dust

Asphalt Dust can be crafted using 8 coal and 1 water bucket for 4 asphalt dust

then you can use 4 sand, 4 cobblestone and 1 asphalt dust for 1 Pavement Block

Pavement Blocks have 5 stages, Great, Good, Decent, Bad and Terrible

Pavement Blocks can boost your speed, Great Pavement has a friction of 1, Good Pavement has a friction of 0.6 and Decent Pavement has a friction of 0.3

Pavement Blocks degrade over time, each stage takes 2 hours (real life) to transition, and is less efficient than the last one (you can use /give or creative to get a permanent version), the last stage of pavement degrades into normal stone after 2 hours



-Name changed to Not Enough Features

-Fixed cardboard box textures

-Fixed cardboard step recipes


-Asphalt Dust

-Pavement Blocks (Permanent and Degradeable)

-All blocks now show up on the creative menu




-open the mcaddon file or go to /games/com mojang and leave the folders on behavior_packs and resource_packs, if they aren’t there make them

-on pc go to %LocalAppData%PackagesMicrosoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbweLocalStategamescom.mojang and do the same thing



-go to microsoft store and install “MC Addons Manager”

-go to microsoft edge and download the addon

-go to mc addons manager

-press import and select the file

restart minecraft



By aadhu

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